Tell Mayor Adams to advocate for the citizenship of immigrants who caught the subway shooter!

Target: New York City Mayor Eric Adams

Multiple undocumented immigrants are at risk of deportation for helping the NYPD catch the subway shooter, Frank James, who left dozens of New Yorkers traumatized and injured in April. Yes, you read that right — both the woman who filmed the attack, Ms. Flores, and the man who alerted the police to James’ whereabouts (and led to his arrest), Mr. Puebla, are now facing retaliation from immigration officials. They aren’t the only ones, either, Mr. Tahhan, who told the police about James’ presence in his store, also has concerns for his family members who do not yet have green cards. Mr. Cheikh has safety concerns about being in the spotlight as well, worrying that he could become targeted if he returns to Lebanon.

All four of these immigrants were regarded as heroes and celebrated at a ceremony by mayor Eric Adams, and now because of their heroism their livelihoods could be reversed completely. Extending their visa statuses or awarding them citizenship should be a no-brainer — all four of them knew what was on the line when interacting with the NYPD, and they chose public safety above all. There is no reason any of them should be punished with deportation or denied protections for their family. 

Add your name to demand all four immigrants who helped catch the subway shooter be guaranteed protection and citizenship in America!