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Target: The U.S. House of Representatives

Children locked in cages. Minority and women’s right trampled while neo-nazi’s and white supremacists are praised as very fine people. Brutal dictators embraced and crucial allies alienated. 125,000 dead Americans with no plan to combat the pandemic, peacefully protesting civilians gassed in the streets, and working families cast into turmoil.

It sounds like a dystopian nightmare, but this is reality in Donald Trump’s America.

Fortunately, these days are numbered if we all do our part end them. If Trump is the disease — and he is — Joe Biden is the cure.

As President Obama’s top lieutenant for eight years, Biden is ready to step in and begin the healing our nation needs on January 20, 2021. While you might not agree with him on every issue, Biden has the humility to listen and improve as he has shown time and time again. That’s why the one-time moderate is running on the most progressive platform of any major candidate in U.S. history.

And Americans have responded to his leadership, with polls showing him with the largest pre-convention lead of any non-incumbent since polling began.

But after what we’ve seen from this lawless president, we can’t take anything for granted. Between now an November 3, we must do everything our power to ensure Joe Biden is elected the 46th President of the United States.

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