Tell Mitch McConnell & Senate Republicans: Pass coronavirus relief now!


Target: Mitch McConnell and Senate Republicans

The House passed the $1.7 trillion bill back in May, but Senate Republicans and the Trump administration have fought for months over whether a stimulus package of this size is necessary. Reality check, it is.

With millions of American families struggling to make ends meet, it is time that Senate Republicans prioritize the health and economic wellbeing of working people by passing the desperately needed coronavirus stimulus package now.

The House passed the $1.7 trillion bill back in May. We urge Mitch McConnell and Senate Republicans to do their jobs and vote to pass the bill now.

Stand up to Trump's vile, bigoted attacks. Say WE STAND WITH AOC!


AOC doesn’t come from a powerful or wealthy family. When she began her campaign to Congress, she didn’t have a bunch of rich friends, corporate PACs, or establishment insiders to build the foundation for a winning campaign.

All she had was people like you. Volunteers from all walks of life, and people who were tired of a system that clearly wasn’t designed to work for them. We were united by a common goal — building a democracy that centered social, racial, economic, and environmental justice for all.

Now, it’s time to reelect AOC, and work to elect a slate of powerful progressives alongside her.

Will you sign your name to personally endorse AOC’s reelection?