Show you support clean energy in your community


The transition to renewable energy feels out of reach for most Americans. While solar power is among the least expensive, cleanest, most abundant sources of energy on earth, retrofitting a home with panels requires the right roof and credit score — not to mention tens of thousands of dollars.

Community solar has the power to change that and bring clean energy to all homes regardless of architecture and income. But despite its great benefits, community solar is only available in a fraction of states. And not all those states have active programs.

The best way to support community solar is to sign up and advocate for its expansion.

Instead of rooftop installation, residents simply subscribe to a solar farm in their area at no added upfront cost and savings down the road. As their solar farm generates energy, residents save money on their bills and help add more clean energy to the local power supply.

It’s good for the planet and local community. And it’s democratizing the solar revolution. By bringing community solar to communities around the country, we can begin to stop and eventually reverse the global damage caused by a century of dirty fossil fuel consumption and leave our children a planet better than the one we inherited.
When you sign here, you’ll be able to see if community solar is available in your area. Signing up for community solar is the best way to support its expansion. If community solar is not yet available in your area, signing here will connect you to Arcadia – who will keep you informed about community solar and future advocacy opportunities to make community solar available nationwide.

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