Tell Legislators Trans Youth Deserve to Play!


Target: State legislators and governors

In President Biden, transgender Americans have the fiercest ally they’ve ever had in the White House. But that isn’t protecting many transgender youth from being under constant threat from their own state government.

In the first month of 2021, 31 anti-transgender bills were introduced across 20 states, including 17 that would ban transgender girls and women from participating in sports that match their gender. 

Supporters of these attacks on trans students argue that they are crusaders for fairness in women’s sports, but nothing could be further from the truth. States with trans-inclusive policies actually saw no decline in girls’ participation in sports. To the contrary, anti-transgender athlete bills promote harmful gender stereotypes and norms that hurt all girls.

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The fact is that banning kids from participating in sports with their peers serves nobody. Sports can be a key part of growing up, teaching cooperation, instilling confidence, and building bonds among peers. Sport is also proven to reduce depression and suicidality among transgender youth, who are feeling especially isolated during COVID-19.

Access to sport is a human right, especially for children. When LGBTQ+ people are systematically excluded from sport, they are denied not only an essential component of their physical, mental and emotional well-being, but also access to a community and the social support therein.

Transgender youth are unfortunately are among the most vulnerable students in schools — facing higher rates of violence and harassment. They are at least twice as likely to drop out of sports than their peers, due to bullying, and a lack of respect for their gender identity. These students should be supported, not subjected to further discrimination.

Join Athlete Ally in demanding states keep school sports an open and safe space for all, including transgender students!