Tell Congress to protect election workers


Target: United States Congress

As conspiracy theor­ists continue to spew disinformation about the Big Lie of a stolen election, local election officials have faced an unprecedented surge of partisan attacks. Recent reports from the Brennan Center show that election workers are being harassed and threatened as they carry out their basic duties — some have even received death threats that name their young children.

Amidst this barrage of attacks, 77 percent of the election officials who the Brennan Center surveyed reported that the federal government is either doing nothing to support them or not enough. This is unacceptable. 

We can’t let these attacks undermine the legit­im­acy of our elec­tions. Congress must act now to enact critical protections for local election workers and address these very real threats to our democracy.

The Brennan Center’s message to Congress:

The nonpartisan election officials who administer our elections are under attack. Recent reports show that election workers are being harassed and threatened as they carry out their basic duties. 

This is deeply concerning — these attacks could put the future of fairly administered elections at risk. Congress must take these actions to defend our election workers and our democracy:

  1. Prohibit the intimidation of election workers who are carrying out their duties.
  2. Prohibit the publishing of election workers’ personally identifying information with the intent to threaten or intimidate them.
  3. Establish address confidentiality programs that can keep election workers’ personal information secure.
  4. Provide physical and online safety training to election officials.

Add your name if you agree. The people that keep our elections safe deserve to feel safe themselves!