Pass the Build Back Better Act now!


The economic future and well-being of millions of Kentuckians hinge on passage of the Build Back Better Act. It’s millions of dollars in investment for our kids, seniors, and care economy; it’s tax cuts for middle class families, universal preschool, and more affordable childcare. Will you add your name and tell Congress to pass the Build Back Better Act now?

Show your support for workers on strike!


Across the country, thousands of workers continue to hold the line for better wages and benefits. It’s critical that we show our solidarity with working people as they stand up to big corporations who want to erode their rights. Will you add your name and show your support for every worker on strike right now? 

Condemn Rand Paul for leaving first responders in the cold!


Rand Paul proudly blocked legislation that would provide support and health care funds for 9/11 first responders, many of whom are still struggling with lung cancer and other illnesses caused by the brave work they did on that day. It’s SHAMEFUL. Sign now to condemn Rand Paul for leaving 9/11 first responders in the cold. 

Join Charles Booker's campaign!


For a decade, Rand Paul has used his power in the U.S. Senate only to benefit himself. If you’re ready to defeat Rand Paul and bring real change to the Senate, can you add your name right now? 

Tell the Senate Ethics Committee to investigate Rand Paul's insider trading!


Just 8 days after Rand Paul bought stock in Gilead, which makes a drug used to treat the coronavirus, he was the only Senator to vote against an emergency bill to curb the COVID-19 outbreak.

He broke the law and waited 16 months to disclose this information.

We need a full investigation of Rand Paul’s insider trading. Add your name if you agree.

Abolish the filibuster!


For decades now, the filibuster has been used to block progress on civil rights, economic justice, COVID relief, and more — and we can no longer allow a small minority to constantly override the will of the American people. 

We need more senators with the courage to put this Jim Crow relic in the past where it belongs so we can finally get some things done for the American people.  That’s why Charles Booker is running for Senate, and he needs your support. 

Add your name if you want to replace Rand Paul and abolish the filibuster.

Endorse progressive champion Charles Booker's campaign to unseat Rand Paul!


Charles Booker is officially running to represent Kentucky in the United States Senate in 2022!

If you’re ready to bring real change to Kentucky and defeat Rand Paul, can you add your name and give our campaign your personal endorsement? Every person who gets involved helps build the movement it’s going to take to run a strong campaign — and win.

Endorse Charles Booker's movement


There is a progressive movement rising in Kentucky, and if we work together we can transform our Commonwealth and deliver meaningful change to our communities.

If you’re ready to bring this change to Kentucky, can you add your name and give our effort your personal endorsement?