Demand access to paid family medical leave for ALL Travis County employees!


Right now, a portion of Travis County employees do not have access to the paid family medical leave they need to care for sick family members. Travis County Judge Andy Brown believes that if this is going to be the best place for working people to live and thrive, providing all county employees paid leave is a necessity.

Almost two years into the worst public health crisis in a century, changing the paid leave policy to include everyone should be a no-brainer.

Add your name if you agree that all Travis County employees should have access to paid family medical leave! 

Travis County commissioners court is going to vote to start a paid family leave task force, with the goal of bringing together county employees and stakeholders in collaboration on the policy specifics of our paid leave policy.  

While this vote is an important step forward, there’s already been word of people who oppose expanding the policy. We can’t be a community where out-of-state billionaires and internet celebrities move here to get richer, meanwhile, working people struggle to care for their families. 

Sign your name to join Andy Brown in demanding paid family and sick leave for all Travis County Employees! 

After Texans froze to death in 2021, we need investment in clean energy — not politicians who abandon people in need!


At least 210 Texans died during the winter storm in February 2021, mostly from freezing to death– including an 11-year old boy who died in his home as temperatures dropped to single digits. Texas energy companies are simply not prepared for severe weather brought on by the climate crisis. 

Working Texans are the ones who bear the brunt of their state government’s negligence – which is why Travis County Judge Andy Brown is fighting for shifts in leadership and energy use to prevent any more senseless tragedies.

Add your name to tell leaders we need more investment in clean energy and fewer politicians who abandon people in need!

The freeze of 2021 shows us that there is a dire need for change within the Texas capital. Texans need investments in clean energy that will stand the tests of time and severe weather. Texans need more elected officials that care enough about Texans to fight for it, like Andy.

Sign now to call for more investments in clean energy and leaders who care about their constituents!