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Now that the Supreme Court has officially overturned Roe v. Wade and removed federal protections, the future of abortion rights will be decided at the state level.

State Democrats are our last major line of defense right now. And the Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee is the ONLY official party committee dedicated to electing Democrats to state legislatures.

Around the nation, state Democrats are working around the clock to protect abortion rights, and we’re working hard to get more pro-abortion rights candidates elected.

It’s never been more critical to elect Democrats in state legislatures. Add your name now to help put more pro-abortion rights Democrats in state houses!

Together, we can elect state Democrats who fight for reproductive freedom.

With Roe’s federal protections now erased, securing abortion access at the state level has never been more urgent – and we each have a critical role to play.

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Stop insurrectionists from holding office!


January 6th was an attack on American democracy, not simply a pro-Trump rally that got out of hand. The reality is, the attack is ongoing – and it’s being ramped up by legislators who continue to push Trump’s ‘Big Lie.’

There’s plenty of examples of Republicans encouraging, inciting, and even taking part in the attempted coup against our democracy. Whether it was by actively supporting or participating in the events leading up to January 6th, insurrectionists co-signed a fatal ambush.

Add your name to call for all insurrectionists to be barred from holding office!

Insurrectionists are working to undermine the public’s faith in our safe and secure elections through conspiracy. On top of that, many have been called out for their violent rhetoric against progressives – carrying on the spirit of the riots in true Trumpian fashion. Insurrectionists have no place in our government, and if the courts won’t remove them, it’s on us to ensure they lose at the polls in November.

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Stop Trump’s schemes to end free and fair elections in America!


Donald Trump just issued a statement naming state legislatures one of his TOP midterm priorities – and Democrats must mobilize NOW to stop him.

“We must also look to the future and fight for State Legislatures,” he told his right-wing MAGA base – all so GOP-led legislatures can rewrite election laws to ensure that “corrupt” Republican defeats like 2020 “will NEVER happen again.”

Trump wants GOP legislators to go even further, and he wants that EVERYWHERE – not just a few key swing states. If he gets his way, he’ll turn 2022 into America’s last free and fair election.

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Stop Republican voter suppression in the states!


Since disgraced ex-President Trump lost his re-election and President Biden took office with a new Democratic Senate majority, Republicans have been on a rampage to rig elections in every state where they have the power. Their strategy: keeping Democrats from voting, especially people of color.

Republicans have introduced nearly 400 voter suppression bills, many of which have already been signed into law – including in the battlegrounds of Georgia, Florida, and Arizona.

These bills are intentionally racist, targeting BIPOC neighborhoods and election officials, and classist, cutting accessible voting opportunities for working Americans (such as vote-by-mail and extended poll hours) while increasing associated financial costs (like requiring government-issued picture IDs).

Sign here to support the Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee (DLCC) in stopping the GOP’s anti-democratic voter suppression laws!

The evidence is clear: when everyone who wants to vote can and does, Democrats win. And Republicans have noticed – which is why their strategy is to shut those votes down, rather than try to win them over. 

Voting is a right. It shouldn’t take leaping over hurdles to participate.

Add your name to support the DLCC’s efforts in fighting the GOP’s anti-voter sabotage of state election laws!

Photo Credit: Michael Fleishman