Tell the FDA to ban "forever chemicals" in our food!

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Target: United States Food and Drug Administration

We all deserve toxin free food. However, harmful chemicals called PFAS (per and polyfluorinated alkyl substances) have increasingly been found in many of the substances we use and food we consume every day.

Nicknamed ‘forever’ chemicals because of their ability to stick around in the environment and our bodies, PFAS are commonly found in takeout containers, plastic bottles, disposable bowls and plates in addition to popcorn bags, pet food bags and more.

PFAS exposure is associated with  a wide range of serious health effects – from developmental problems to cancer — and can accumulate in the body over time. Despite the evidence, the Food and Drug Administration has not taken adequate action on these dangerous chemicals!

The FDA has a responsibility to protect the health of our communities from toxic ‘forever chemicals’ in our food. Sign the PFAS Public Health Petition and demand swift action!