Tell Congress to pass REAL gun reform to protect our kids!


While it is gratifying to see that Congress has managed to come together and pass a gun reform bill, there is still much more work to be done to keep our children safe from the scourge of gun violence. 

It boggles the mind to think that some would rather subject our kids to deeply traumatizing mass shooter drills and spend millions of dollars turning our places of learning into fortresses patrolled by armed guards instead of actually regulating weapons that are so powerful even the police are terrified to confront them. 

Tell Congress we need REAL gun safety legislation that will:

✅ Establish enhanced background checks and close loopholes
✅ raise the minimum age to buy certain firearms
✅ require safe storage of firearms
✅ crack down on dangerous ghost guns
✅ prohibit high-capacity magazines
✅ ban assault weapons

Rep. Veronica Escobar has seen far too many heart-wrenching atrocities committed with guns in the communities of Texas. That’s why she is one of our strongest voices in Congress for gun violence prevention, and she’s leading the call for change in Washington.

Will you stand with her and with the children of Uvalde in demanding Congress pass meaningful gun reform that will stop the endless bloodshed?

Tell Congress to pass meaningful gun reform to stop school massacres!

Join Rep. Escobar in demanding REAL climate action in the Democrats' infrastructure reconciliation bill!


The recent UN report on the climate crisis confirmed what we already knew: The climate crisis is the greatest threat to humanity we face. While Republicans deny and slow-walk meaningful change at the bidding of their corporate fossil fuel backers, the truth is we have an obligation to act boldly and immediately to protect our planet.

With debate on the Democrats’ infrastructure reconciliation package about to begin, there’s no more time for excuses. Individual and governmental action is necessary now!

Please add your name and join Veronica Escobar in demanding REAL climate action in the infrastructure reconciliation bill!