Tell the FCC to stop spam robocalls and hold scammers accountable!


Target: The Federal Communications Commission

Robocalls are more than a nuisance. These incessant, intrusive calls are the top tool of scammers seeking to steal our money, identities, and personal information.

That’s why Nevada Attorney General Aaron Ford and his office are taking action to hold bad actors accountable and protect consumers.

Aaron joined a bipartisan coalition of attorneys general in urging the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to crack down on the scourge of illegal robocalls. 

Earlier this year, major phone companies were required to implement new caller I.D. authentication technology, but scammers have found a way to get around it and continue pestering people with fake messages. 

These calls are not just annoying, they can lead to real financial harm. We need to make sure our technology and our efforts keep pace with the ever-evolving tactics of scammers. The FCC can and must act now to protect families from these incessant and intrusive scammers.

Stand with Aaron and urge the FCC to take action on unwanted robocalls. Sign your name if you agree that the FCC must take immediate action to hold these scammers accountable.

When it comes to stopping these annoying robocalls, Aaron is committed to cooperating across state, party, and agency lines to protect Nevada consumers.