Demand Congress pass $2,000 checks NOW! $600 isn’t enough for Georgia working families


Target: Senators Mitch McConnell, Kelly Loeffler, and David Perdue

For months, Mitch McConnell has tried to block any relief for working families — and his loyal footsoldiers Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue have been right by his side in Georgia.

They took the proposal for another round of $1,200 checks and watered it down to a measly $600. They held up negotiations in order to try and get tax breaks and massive giveaways to corporations. And they removed critical aid to states and cities — money that’s needed to prevent massive job losses next year.

Add your name to tell Loeffler, Perdue, and McConnell: $600 isn’t even close to enough for Georgia working families. We demand $2,000+ checks and real emergency care now.