Tell the Chino Valley School Board to protect students from hateful anti-trans policies!


A hateful and divisive resolution targeting Transgender students was just put on the Chino Valley Unified School Board’s agenda.

School Boards are supposed to listen to parents and students, and they have an obligation to make schools safe places for all their students to grow and learn. When extreme resolutions are put forward attacking any of our students, we all must stand up to stop the bigotry.

Christina Gagnier is doing just that as a member of the Chino Valley School Board, standing up to a hateful resolution that attacks and scapegoats Transgender students.

Add your name to stand with Christina Gagnier and tell the Chino Valley School Board to protect ALL students from hateful anti-trans policies!

Parents want to protect their kids, and Board Members should want to do the same – especially for kids being targeted for simply being themselves.

It takes a lot of courage for trans kids to come out in a world full of intolerance. They must be protected, not punished.

Sign now to join Christina Gagnier in the fight to protect ALL our kids!