Tell Congress to pass the Equality Act and protect LGBTQ youth and educators from discrimination!


Target: United States Congress

Only 21 states have full anti-discrimination laws protecting LGBTQ people, leaving those in the other 29 states vulnerable to firing, eviction, harassment, and other forms of legal discrimination.

Nearly two-thirds of LGBTQ youth have experienced discrimination at school, and the results are heartbreaking. They are much more likely to miss class, have lower grades, and struggle with self-esteem, a sense of belonging, and depression. And LGBTQ educators, in the same unprotected environments, can be fired just for being who they are.

The Equality Act would fix this.

Add your name to tell Congress to pass the Equality Act, include sexual orientation and gender identity as protected characteristics under federal civil rights law!

For student, the Equality Act would mean protection from discrimination based on their sexual orientation and gender identity, which would help assure safer school environments, where LGBTQ youth can thrive, personally and academically. Educators, administrators, and school staff would no longer have to live in fear of discrimination, retaliation, or a loss of their livelihood.

The House passed the Equality Act in 2019, but it collected dust in the GOP-controlled Senate. Now, with a more supportive Senate and White House, we must move with urgency – because every day, LGBTQ students and teachers nationwide are suffering irreparable harm as they face hostile learning and work environments with no legal recourse.

Let’s stop legal discrimination NOW by passing the Equality Act.

Sign here to call on Congress to pass the Equality Act and finally extend vital civil rights protections to all LGBTQ Americans, including students and educators.