Stop South Carolina from bringing back firing squad executions!

grand strand

Target: President Biden and Governor McMaster

As Republicans turn back the clock on civil rights, reproductive rights, and gay rights across the country, South Carolina has asked, “Why not do the same for the way we kill people?”

The southern state passed legislation last May reinstating the firing squad as a legal method of execution after the state has found itself unable to obtain lethal injection drugs. 

A $53,000 renovation to the state’s “death chamber” has just been completed, allowing the killings to resume. A rectangular opening has been added to the room, through which three volunteer shooters will fire their weapons — all of which will hold live ammunition. 

Add your name to ask President Biden and Governor McMaster to take action to stop the use of firing squads in executions!

While proponents argue that it’s the most “humane” method of execution, not everybody agrees. Two of the 35 men on death row in South Carolina have asked the Supreme Court to decide if the firing squad is constitutional, arguing that their right to choose the manner of their death — they chose lethal injection — is being infringed upon. 

The death penalty itself is a barbaric anachronism from less civilized times. There is no “humane” way to kill someone, and it’s horrific to see legislators spending this much time and money trying to expand the ways we can legally kill people.

Demand President Biden and South Carolina Governor McMaster take action to stop the use of firing squads in executions!