Stop Montgomery County Republicans from purging 1 in 6 registered voters!


Voting rights is not just a national issue. Across the country, millions of Americans face barriers to voting that prevent their voices from being heard in the legislative process. Montgomery County families are no exception. 

Just recently, the Montgomery County Republican Central Committee demanded the removal of 106,000 Montgomery County voters in the name of “cleaning up” county voter rolls. This demand is undemocratic and we must act now to uphold our country’s most sacred tradition.

If the past two years have shown us anything, it’s that a true democracy only functions when people of different backgrounds come together to find a solution. There must be leaders on every level and scale of government who believe in the power of the American people to join forces to do what is best for the nation. 

As Tom Hucker continues his campaign for County Executive in Montgomery County, he is holding onto that hope. His goal from the beginning is to make the government more responsive and effective. The first step to ensuring this comes to fruition is to bring voting rights to the forefront of local politics in Montgomery County. 

It is more important now than ever before to engage in local government to protect our democracy and defend our right to vote. 

No matter your race, religion, or party, Tom Hucker needs your voice to be heard. Tom needs 4,000 activists to defend democracy by signing his petition demanding action – sign on today!

Demand safe school environments for children in Montgomery County, Maryland amid the pandemic!


Target: Montgomery County Department of Health and Human Services

As Montgomery County schools plan how they will provide safe environments for students and faculty through the pandemic, we must demand transparency and caution. Councilmember Tom Hucker is urging the Montgomery County Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) to implement these demands in response to community safety concerns:

  1. Require a negative test to return to school. 
  2. Clarify the standards for a safe learning environment for students & staff including necessary personnel.
  3. Require opt-out, not opt-in testing.
  4. Explain why there has not been a two-week pause to ensure adequate staffing. 
  5. Offer tutoring solutions for children who are struggling or affected by quarantines.
  6. Address the shortage of teachers and bus drivers.
  7. Hire more mental health staff and create accessible mental health programming.

Add your name to join Councilmember Tom Hucker in the fight to create safer schools for children in Montgomery County!

5,000 rightfully worried community members tuned into Hucker’s last minute emergency town hall meeting to voice their concerns about learning conditions and safety in Montgomery County schools — it’s time to call for immediate action.

Our students deserve the highest caliber of precaution as we navigate the pandemic. All of these demands are plain common sense when it comes to keeping our community safe. 

Sign your name to call for Montgomery County HHS to ensure safe learning environments amid the pandemic!