Tell Governor Youngkin not to ban abortion in Virginia!


Target: Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin

On June 24th, 2022, The Supreme Court voted to throw out Roe V. Wade. Roe guaranteed not only the Constitutional right to abortion, but the right to privacy. “The Constitution does not confer the right to abortion.” – Justice Thomas. This decision will leave forever lasting impacts on the lives of hundreds of millions of Americans. The U.S., once a symbol of freedom and democracy is now a country where a minority power is controlling the lives of the majority through the Supreme Court, through the Senate, and through the House by extreme gerrymandering. 

In addition, 11 states have already banned abortions (or heavily restricts them) while 11 more have trigger bans waiting to be implemented. Some states have expressed interest in banning abortions. One of those states is Virginia, where Gov. Glenn Youngkin has stated: “Virginians want fewer abortions, not more abortions.” He later expressed his interest in banning abortions after 15 weeks. 

Will you add your name to prevent Youngkin from banning abortion in Virginia?

Students Act Now is petitioning Gov. Youngkin to protect Virginians right to choose and to prove to the governor that Virginians do not want “less abortions,” in fact, we want the opportunity to have an abortion without government restrictions.

We will not allow children to be born in homes that cannot support them. Adding a child to a home that cannot provide will bring more people down in our country. These laws target low-income communities, and will ensure those families stay low-income and in the poverty regions.

Sign your name to show Youngkin that Virginian’s do not want abortion restrictions!