Demand Jim Jordan be forced to testify about his role in the insurrection!


Rep. Jim Jordan has admitted to being the sender of one of the January 6th texts revealed in the contempt report against Mark Meadows. The text in question? A forwarded legal theory outlining Vice President Mike Pence’s authority to call the 2020 election results into question. 

Jordan’s involvement in pushing Trump’s Big Lie is clear, and his involvement in the day of the riot must be investigated by the committee. 

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In a letter sent to Jordan in mid December, committee Chairman Bennie Thompson asked for a meeting to discuss his communications with the disgraced ex-President on the day of the riots. But Rep. Jordan has previously stated he would not cooperate with the January 6th committee, and has previously dodged detailing his specific involvement. 

Jordan must fully comply with the committee so that we can piece together exactly who is responsible for helping to incite the fatal Capitol riot. 

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Trump loves him. Fox News adores him. He’s got a blank check from the Koch network.

But working Ohio families know: Jim Jordan’s not on their side.

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Tell Congress to ban dark money in campaigns!


Dark money is poisoning American politics. Billionaires, big corporations and even foreign nationals are flooding our political system with so much cash working people’s voices are drowned out – with zero accountability. They’re even funding the massive voter suppression effort to lock us out of the ballot box for good.

Congress is considering requiring dark money groups to disclose their donors as part of the For The People Act. Bought-and-paid-for career politicians are trying to shut it down.

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