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Top Stories for November 8:

Republicans are laying the groundwork (again) to reject elections they lose

Republican candidates who’ve incessantly pushed Donald Trump’s blatant lies about voter fraud and stolen elections are using the disgraced ex-president’s craven playbook themselves to preemptively claim that today’s elections may be fraudulent — but only if they lose, of course.

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VIDEO OF THE DAY: Ted Cruz humiliated at hometown parade

Cruz isn’t just getting booed because he’s a Republican, it’s because he’s trying to impose his own religious edicts onto the rest of the country, force women to carry unwanted and dangerous pregnancies to term, strip healthcare from millions of Americans, stand idly by while climate change-induced catastrophes wreak further havoc on the planet, shield the wealthy from paying anything close to their fair share in taxes, and so much more. So, yeah, keep booing, folks. Keep booing.

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Unexpected early vote news stuns the US

No Lie with Brian Tyler Cohen: Wow.

Elon Musk urges Twitter followers to vote Republican for “shared power”
The tech bozo billionaire and Twitter top ding dong endorsed the MAGA GOP as a whole under the flimsy guise of “balancing” power in DC. Makes perfect sense! The country clearly needs radical right-wing coup enthusiasts, election deniers, gun zealots, and QAnon sympathizers tearing democracy down to its studs to “balance” President Biden’s moderate, center-left policies.

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Nikki Haley ignites outrage for wanting to “deport” Black senator who was born in the United States
The MAGA lackey launched a casually disgusting racist attack on Sen. Raphael Warnock — making it clear that she has studied and internalized the worst habits of her cult leader Trump.

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Qatar World Cup ambassador says homosexuality is “damage in the mind”

This is the stunning bigotry and shocking arrogance that FIFA is rewarding by hosting the world’s most popular sports tournament in the wealthy, terrorist-funding petroligarchy, where — and we cannot stress this enough — thousands of literal slaves died to build desert stadiums.

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Nancy Pelosi says retirement decision will be affected by attack on husband
Pelosi, the top Democrat in the House for the past two decades, said last month’s gruesome hammer attack on her husband Paul would affect her future plans to remain in party leadership beyond her current term in Congress, regardless of the outcome of today’s election.

The stakes have never been higher

Wisconsin Democrats: The GOP has made it clear they want to make Wisconsin a one-party state — and for the sake of our democracy, we can’t let that happen. Can you sign up for a phone banking shift today and do your part to flip a key battleground state blue?

Colorado police officers charged with leaving handcuffed woman in car struck by train
Two cops were finally charged with leaving a handcuffed woman in a patrol car parked on railroad tracks, where it was then struck by a freight train, causing the 20-year-old woman nine broken ribs, a broken arm and leg, broken teeth, and other serious injuries.

Russian oligarch admits to US election interference
Russian businessman and stalwart Putin ally Yevgeny Prigozhin poured cold water all over preposterous MAGA claims of a “Russia hoax,” admitting that he interfered in past American elections — and would continue doing so in the future. Prigozhin’s is the first such admission from a high-profile figure long implicated by US intelligence officials.

US officials urge Ukraine to signal it is still open to diplomatic discussions with Russia
Senior US officials have in recent weeks begun urging Ukraine to signal that it is still open to diplomatic discussions with Russia, amid concerns that American public support for the country’s war effort could wane with no end to the conflict in sight.

Musk floats putting all of Twitter behind a paywall
Musk’s increasingly erratic leadership and botched takeover of his shiny new toy is quickly turning Twitter into the “hellscape” he claims he’s trying to avoid. His latest masterstroke? Charging tens of millions of users for a service they’ve enjoyed for free for years. Good luck with that!


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