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Top Stories for April 8:

Tennessee GOP’s purge of Black Democrats already backfiring 24 hours after vote

A majority on Nashville’s Metropolitan Council has pledged to reinstate Democrats Justin Jones and Justin Pearson to the Tennessee Legislature after Republicans expelled them for participating in gun violence protests at the state capitol. The council is scheduled to hold a special hearing on Monday which will include a vote to reinstate the two elected officials, setting up a stunning rebuke of the shameful and utterly fascist maneuver. And guess what? Tennessee’s constitution says no representative can be expelled twice for the same offense…so Reps. Jones and Pearson, the floor is yours!

Take Action: Demand the Tennessee GOP restore the House Democrats they expelled for supporting gun reform protests!

VIDEO OF THE DAY: Marjorie Taylor Greene humiliated after Biden stunt backfires gloriously

It’s been a rough week for the right-wing extremist from Georgia. After being literally chased out of Manhattan by New Yorkers on Tuesday for joining the handful of MAGA minions gathering outside the courtroom where Trump was pleading to criminal charges, Marjorie Taylor Greene released a highly edited video doubling down on the “Democrats are pedos” theme she unveiled on 60 Minutes, this time targeting President Biden. There’s just one problem: The video she ripped footage from is actually a glowing portrayal of Biden’s humanity. Whoops!

Take Action: Kick Marjorie Taylor Greene off the Homeland Security Committee!

The GOP has chosen Trump over the country….again

atAdvocacy Partner: No matter the crimes, no matter the lies – the MAGA GOP has decided that their loyalty is with Donald Trump, not our country.

Dueling federal rulings plunge future of abortion pill into legal uncertainty
Hooo boy. Buckle up, folks. The perpetual absurdity of American politics was kicked up a new level on Friday night when two judges, one in Texas and one in Washington state, issued contradictory rulings on the sale of mifepristone — a key drug used in abortion pills — which will ultimately cancel each other out until the government appeals the Trump-appointed Judge Matthew Kacsmaryk’s decision to halt sales of the drug. The Biden administration said they will appeal posthaste. Ultimately, this is likely just going to move the case up to the Supreme Court faster than it normally would…which is not great, because the court has already proven it doesn’t respect a woman’s right to make decisions about her own body and women’s lives are very much at stake here.

Take Action: Tell Congress to put an end to Republicans holding us hostage with the debt cieling!

Clarence Thomas forced to break his silence on billionaire gift scandal
After Thursday’s explosive report that the radical right-wing justice has been receiving luxury travel gifts from a billionaire conservative donor for decades, Clarence Thomas took the unprecedented step Friday of issuing a public statement to try and quell the blowback. It didn’t work. He rather pitifully blamed unnamed advisors (come ON) for telling him that “personal hospitality” from close friends was allowed as long as those friends, “did not have business before the Court,” which is absolutely preposterous thing to say. His billionaire sugar daddy Harlan Crow does in fact have business “before the court” because he spends millions of dollars funding the right-wing think tanks that come up with the absurd legal arguments used to take away all of our rights and give them to corporations instead.

Take Action: Pass the Supreme Court Ethics Act!

NYPD intel unit investigating threats against judge in Trump criminal case
It’s only been a few days since the one-term former president was arraigned on criminal charges in a by-the-book procedure overseen by New York Judge Juan Merchan. But that’s proven to be more than enough time for Trump’s horde of MAGA tough guys on social media to mirror his attacks on the judge and launch threats of their own. These are in addition to threats made against District Attorney Alvin Bragg, whom Trump has been targeting for weeks.

MSNBC host destroys Elon Musk’s hand-picked shill behind “Twitter Files” scandal

The once celebrated journalist turned right-wing apologist, Matt Taibbi, sold out all that remained of his principles when he accepted Elon Musk’s invitation to “report” on the “Twitter Files,” which the billionaire tech bozo promised would show Twitter’s old guard had helped Biden win in 2020. Even after the Twitter Files proved to be a laughable nothingburger, showing Republicans actually received better treatment from the company than Democrats, Taibbi and Musk continued to shriek that they’d proven… something. Enter MSNBC’s Mehdi Hasan, who did such a masterful job debunking the nonsense in a national 1-on-1 with Taibbi that the former journalist had to admit he had made errors and was wrong. Congrats, Mr. Taibbi, you’re following the facts again.

Republicans make fatal mistake amid impending Trump indictment

No Lie with Brian Tyler Cohen. What a dumb move…

🚨 Brian Tyler Cohen launched a Spanish YouTube channel! The left has a huge problem reaching Spanish speaking audiences, and our vote share among Spanish speakers is actually declining, so please spread the Democrats’ message by subscribing to his channel (and watch some videos to get them going in the algorithm) by clicking here.

Stormy Daniels destroys Trump on Fox in jaw-dropping Piers Morgan interview
Delusional British boarding school villain Piers Morgan probably smelled a lifetime membership to Mar-a-Lago when he landed an interview with Stormy Daniels just days after the disgraced former president was arraigned on criminal charges for trying to silence her with secret hush money payments. Instead, he did nothing but hurt Trump by giving Stormy a bullhorn inside the right-wing bubble to set the record straight and dismantle every talking point lie coming from Trump’s camp.

Cops call detained woman “liberal c**t,” brag about milking overtime in leaked audio
A newly released recording confirms what most suspect happens all the time, namely that many cops, when they think no one’s listening, are not exactly the neutral arbiters of law enforcement they’re supposed to be – to put it generously. The irony of all of this? We only have this audio because NYPD cops left the phone of an arrested protester turned on and recording for hours while the man sat in a cell, picking up a treasure trove of abhorrent and embarrassing behind-the-scenes conversations. In any other public service job, this kind of behavior would be grounds for immediate termination.

Tennessee Republican walks off live interview after failing to defend expulsion of Black Democratic reps
State Rep. Jeremy Faison, chair of the Tennessee House GOP Caucus, abruptly ended a CNN interview after hosts Kaitlan Collins and Sara Sidner grilled him about denying the two Democratic lawmakers due process before he and other Republicans voted to expel them Thursday. His excuse? He had a three-and-a-half-hour commute and needed to hit the road. The fact of the matter is what they did was utterly indefensible, and he knows it — so the coward didn’t even bother to try.


Seriously, Texas?

Seriously, America?



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