Stop Tennessee Republicans’ scheme to undermine same-sex marriage!

Target: The Tennessee State Senate

While the latest despicable attempt by the Tennessee GOP to sneak bigotry into law was temporarily derailed because they tried to legalize child marriage at the same time, the homophobia is still deeply embedded in SB 0562.

The entire purpose of the bill is to create an alternative “common law” legal marriage contract system that explicitly excludes same-sex couples and would dilute the original state’s marriage certificate.

Knowing the way Republicans operate, this is only the first of a thousand cuts in their mission to re-criminalize gay marriage.

Sign your name to tell the Tennessee Senate to vote down SB 0526 and protect same-sex marriage!

Once the new heterosexuals-only marriage system is in place, we can only assume that the next step is to continue weakening the state’s marriage certification system or even abolishing it entirely so that same-sex marriage is illegal for all intents and purposes — the way Republicans have done with abortion across the South and Midwest.

They may think they’ve pulled the wool over our eyes, but we know exactly what they’re up to — and we’re not going to let them get away with it!

Demand the Tennessee Senate stop the GOP’s gay marriage poison pill!