Stand with Texas Democrats to protect voting rights and democracy!

Texas Governor Abbott is on the hunt for cases of voter fraud to appease Trump. Despite coming up with absolutely nothing, Abbott still called a special session of their legislature specifically with the intention of passing voter suppression laws. 

Democrats tried to negotiate in good faith and offer good amendments that would have improved the bill. After 24 hours of committee discussion, Republicans rejected every possible suggestion on a straight party-line vote. Refusing a quorum that would allow the passage of these anti-voter restrictions, Texas Democrats fled to Washington D.C. under threat of arrest once they return home.

And the GOP didn’t stop there. Local Republicans have gone out of their way to smear Rep. Alex Dominguez, a powerful leader and the General Counsel for the House Democratic Caucus, who is leading the lawsuit against Governor Abbott’s unconstitutional veto of funding for the legislative branch. For the sin of working to protect democracy and Americans’ most basic right to vote, Republicans defamed the progressive champion as employing “cheap antics.” Nothing could be further from the truth — and they know it.

Alex and his colleagues are on the frontlines fighting to save our democracy from voter suppression, and they need as many of us as possible rallying behind them.

Texas House Democrats like Alex Dominguez aren’t scared to get arrested defending their constituents’ right to vote. Sign your name to stand with them and demand the passage of federal voting protections, before it’s too late!