Demand the Senate pass the For the People Act so Texas Democrats can return home!

Recently, Texas lawmakers reconvened for a special session to pass new voter suppression laws. House Democrats made the decision to flee Austin, Texas, in order to break quorum and denying Republicans the attendance required to pass bills. Under the threat of arrest from Governor Abbott, many have traveled to Washington D.C. in hopes of pulling national attention.

Texas Democrats’ heroism is only necessary because the Senate has failed to fulfill its most basic duty: to defend democracy.

Add your name to demand federal lawmakers pass the For the People Act now!

The For the People Act is critical. It would finally enshrine in law Americans’ actual right to vote and immediately nullify the voter suppression laws being passed through GOP-controlled state legislatures in Texas and beyond.

Until the passage of the For the People Act, voting rights are in the hands of state governments. In places like Texas, that’s much too big a gamble. 

Sign here to stand behind Texas Democrats and demand the immediate passage of the For the People Act!