Demand the Justice Department investigate Texas Gov. Greg Abbott for illegally targeting families of trans kids!

Target: Department of Justice

On February 23rd, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott issued a directive ordering the people of Texas to report the parents of transgender kids receiving gender-affirming healthcare so they can be punished for “child abuse.”

This is the latest and most heinous right-wing extremist attack on trans kids yet, viciously targeting not only society’s most vulnerable kids but also their loving parents, willing to do whatever it takes to make their children feel comfortable with themselves.

Sign your name to demand the DOJ investigate Gov. Abbott for violating the civil liberties of trans kids and their parents!

Not only is this “directive” morally appalling, it is also extremely illegal. “Attorney General Paxton’s opinion and Governor Abbott’s letter have no legal effect, can’t change Texas law, and can’t override the constitutional rights of Texas families. No court anywhere in the country has ever found that gender-affirming care can be considered child abuse,” wrote the ACLU in a blistering statement condemning the move.

This monstrous directive will heap psychological trauma and hardship upon trans kids, and may even lead to lives lost. Surveys show that 14% of trans youths have tried to commit suicide, including over half of all transgender male youths. Young people shouldn’t have to feel like they’re being oppressed, harassed, and rejected by their own state government — and guilt from knowing their parents are now being persecuted for loving them is something no child should ever have to experience.

Call upon the Justice Department to investigate Texas Gov. Abbott for illegally targeting the parents of trans kids!