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Top Stories for January 16:

Republican rep ripped for glaring classified doc double standard on air

Kentucky Republican James Comer feigned outrage over the discovery and voluntary return of classified documents in President Biden’s personal possession, prompting CNN’s Jake Tapper to roll the tape on Comer’s blasé and terribly unsurprising lack of concern over Trump’s refusal to return hundreds of classified documents last year, prompting an FBI raid to recover them. Funny how that works.

Take Action: Demand the DOJ investigate and prosecute the terrorists who shot up the homes of Democrats!

VIDEO OF THE DAY: George Santos exposed for most humiliating, hypocritical lie yet

The GOP’s star pathological liar claimed that his mere existence as a gay Republican somehow proved that “everything that the Dems try to tell us is a lie.” Where to begin…

Take Action: Expel George Santos!

Republicans caught pulling disgusting scheme

No Lie with Brian Tyler Cohen: Vile.

“Huge cover-Up”: GOP lawmaker says feds must “release everything” on UFOs
Republican Rep. Tim Burchett of Tennessee accused the United States government of a “huge” cover-up on UFOs days after a declassified report revealed hundreds of new encounters with what the military now prefers to call unidentified aerial phenomenon, or UAPs. Burchett, who also said there’s a reference to a UFO in the Bible, said recent UFO footage shows the objects making the kinds of maneuvers that would turn a human “into a ketchup package.”

Richest 1% bag TWO-THIRDS of $42 trillion in new wealth
The world’s top 1% grabbed almost TWICE as much money in new wealth created since 2020 as the bottom 99% of the world’s population, according to a damning new report released by Oxfam today. We aren’t playing by the same set of rules, folks.

Take Action: Stop the GOP’s plan to keep the rich from paying their fair share!

TEN US states STILL celebrate Confederacy holidays in 2023, two on same day as MLK Day

For anyone keeping score at home, ten states — all in the American South — celebrate Martin Luther King Day and observe at least one confederate holiday during the rest of the year. Alabama and Mississippi celebrate MLK and Robert E. Lee, the losing Confederate general and slaveholder who led the bloody flight to enslave African Americans, ON THE SAME DAY. Amazing.

Take Action: Tell Biden and the Senate to fill the courts with Democratic judges!

Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp latest Republican to jump off the Trump train
Kemp fecklessly acknowledged the painfully obvious, stating that the three-time election loser “didn’t do a good enough job” to earn a second term in the Oval Office. It’s worth noting and it bears repeating — the Republican Party is distancing itself from Trump not because he’s an anti-democratic, morally debased, wannabe strongman with zero regard for constitutional norms, but because he’s a stone-cold loser, plain and simple. Winning is all that matters.

Twitter’s laid-off workers cannot pursue claims via class-action lawsuit, judge says
Elon Musk’s disastrous and extremely expensive tenure as Twitter’s chief twit has upended the social media giant and disrupted the lives of thousands of former and current employees. Unfortunately, US District Judge James Donato ruled that ex-employees cannot pursue class-action litigation against the billionaire tech bozo and instead must pursue their claims individually via toothless arbitration. Chalk up another victory for the ultra-elite. Hooray.

House Democratic leader Hakeem Jeffries stumps for anti-abortion, anti-labor judge in New York
Newly elected House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries joined New York Gov. Kathy Hochul and other state Democrats at a Bronx rally Saturday, supporting Hector D. LaSalle’s puzzling nomination to lead the state Court of Appeals. The nomination was described as “mystifying” and “horrible news” by progressive legal experts, citing LaSalle’s demonstrably poor record on abortion rights and labor rights.

Romanian police widen probe into suspected sex trafficker and accused rapist, Andrew Tate
Tate’s very bad month is getting worse as officials in Romania expanded their probe into the accused sex trafficker’s operations, raiding his various properties, confiscating his fleet of precious sports cars, and securing assets as collateral against potential compensation claims from victims.


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Today’s Action: Attend an MLK Day of Service event!

Today is Martin Luther King Jr. Day – the first and only federal holiday designated as a National Day of Service for Americans to volunteer and serve their communities in a positive way, in honor of the example Dr. King set for us all.

We encourage the atAdvocacy community to honor Dr. King’s legacy by engaging in the holiday the way it was intended: as a day on, not a day off. MLK Day of Service events are being hosted across the country, ranging from virtual rallies to voter registration events to freedom marches. Take some time out of your day to attend!

Can’t attend? Search the National Service database for hundreds of volunteer opportunities in your community and make service plans for another date!

America needs this holiday – while there have been substantial advances in the rights of Black Americans since Dr. King’s work in the 1950s and ‘60s, so much more remains to be done. Truthfully speaking, we fall short of Dr. King’s egalitarian and just ideal in nearly every minority/underrepresented group, in every community across the country.

Dr. King’s fight for equality is not over. Use a few of your holiday hours today to make our country a little more equitable by joining one of the thousands of MLK Day of Action events across the country!

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