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Top Stories for October 3:

GOP senator dismisses racist insult by Trump as “nickname”

Florida Sen. Rick Scott shrugged off the disgraced ex-president’s latest racist attack — this time targeting former Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao — as nothing more than a nickname, proving once again that fealty to Trump supersedes basic decency, ethical norms, or even party loyalty.

Take Action: Demand CBS News fire Trump’s lying ex-chief of staff!

Florida Republican senators request more federal aid despite not voting for hurricane relief
Sen. Rick Scott and Marco Rubio requested a “robust and timely federal response” a day after refusing to support an $18.8 billion stopgap funding bill specifically allocating additional funding for the Federal Emergency Management Agency to respond to Hurricane Ian and future disasters.

Take Action: Tell President Biden to take action to fix Puerto Rico’s power crisis!

Civil war erupts between Trump and Republicans

No Lie with Brian Tyler Cohen: Things just got bad within the GOP.

Ron DeSantis’ political operative behind migrant trafficking stunt identified
Perla Huerta, the woman investigators believe was recruited to lure undocumented migrants onto planes to transport them from Texas to Martha’s Vineyard for a disgusting political stunt, is a former combat medic and military counterintelligence agent with ties to Gov. Ron DeSantis and the Republican Party in Florida. Oops!

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CPAC hastily deletes absurd pro-Russia tweet
CPAC tweeted — then deleted — a statement calling on Democrats to “end the gift-giving to Ukraine.” The tweet featured a Russian flag and referred to “Ukraine-occupied territories” in a mind numbingly myopic gift to embattled Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Take Action: Demand Congress pass the Respect for Marriage Act!

Former DC police officer who was attacked during Trump’s insurrection said that speaking out about Jan. 6 destroyed his career

Michael Fanone, who was repeatedly stun-gunned, dragged down stairs, and beaten with an American flag pole by the disgraced ex-president’s mob, has repeatedly pushed back against Republicans who have sought to downplay the deadly attack on the Capitol and acknowledged that “the criticism from within the [police] department went from quiet whispers to screams and yells” eventually ending his nearly two-decade career in law enforcement.

Hackers release data after Los Angeles Unified School District refuses to pay ransom
The release of data came two days earlier than the deadline set by the syndicate that calls itself Vice Society, prompting a statement from LAUSD Superintendent Alberto Carvalho, reading, “Paying ransom never guarantees the full recovery of data, and Los Angeles Unified believes public dollars are better spent on our students rather than capitulating to a nefarious and illicit crime syndicate.”

WATCH: Richard Ojeda lays out the blueprint for how Democrats keep the House and expand the Senate!

OD Action Partner: In battleground states we know the race hinges on which way a few thousand votes go and when I ran I was #1 at flipping red votes blue.

President Biden to announce $60 million to bolster flood protections in Puerto Rico
President Biden will visit the hard-hit Ponce region of Puerto Rico on Monday and announce more than $60 million in funds from the bipartisan infrastructure law to shore up levees, strengthen flood walls, and create a new flood warning system to better prepare Puerto Rico for future storms. What, no paper towel toss?

Mormon leader calls abuse “abomination” amid policy scrutiny
Russell M. Nelson, the president of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, told the 17-million members of the faith on Saturday that abuse was “a grievous sin” that would bring down the wrath of God on perpetrators, the first public remarks on abuse from a senior church leader since The Associated Press published an investigation into the deeply troubling ways the church handles reports of sexual abuse when brought to its attention.


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