Prosecute the man who shot a Black teen for knocking on his door!


Historic lawsuit against Fox News for false election claims heads to trial today

Top Stories for April 18:

“Stop the Steal” organizer Ali Alexander apologizes after being accused of asking underage boys for sexual pics

Republicans pitching apoplectic, unfounded fits over “groomers” on the left would do well to look under their own hoods. Case in point? Ali Alexander, the mastermind behind the “Stop the Steal” movement that grew into Trump’s insurrection has been exposed as an apparent pedophile, leveraging his power and status within the GOP to solicit nude pics from teenage boys interested in entering the world of politics.

Take Action: Expel the congressmen who tried to get Trump pardons for their role in Jan. 6th!

Republicans get nightmare legal news from top lawyer

It turns out that the GOP’s racist and ultimately vain expulsion of Black lawmakers in Tennessee wasn’t just stupid, it may have been outright illegal.

Take Action: Pledge to boycott Fox News!

Top Republican donor issues brutal news to his party

No Lie with Brian Tyler Cohen: Not a great day for Republicans…

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Prosecutor charges white gunman who shot Black teenager for ringing wrong doorbell
84-year-old Andrew D. Lester has officially been charged with first-degree assault and armed criminal action for outrageously shooting 16-year-old Ralph Yarl — twice — from behind a glass door. Yarl was trying to pick his siblings up from a friend’s house but rang the doorbell of the wrong house. Thankfully, Yarl survived his injuries and is now recovering at home. May justice be served.

Take Action: Tell the Biden team to use ALL emergency powers to protect the abortion pill!

New York man charged with murder for shooting a woman after friend drove into wrong driveway by mistake
For the second time in less than a week, an elderly man has shot someone who approached his home by accident — but this time, 20-year-old woman Kaylin Gillis was killed for no reason by a paranoid, trigger-happy old man. Gun culture, spurious “stand your ground” laws, and Fox News propaganda have rotted the minds of so many Americans, leading to so much unnecessary death and so many wasted lives — not to mention killing any sense of hospitality and empathy towards fellow humans.

Take Action: Pass the Supreme Court Ethics Act!

FBI investigating Oklahoma GOP officials caught on tape talking about lynching Black people, murdering newspaper reporters

The Republicans in question were caught on tape pining for the good ol’ days when it was socially acceptable to lynch Black people “with a damn rope.” Officials also expressed their desire to hire “two or three hitmen” to murder newspaper reporters for running unflattering coverage of a sheriff — offering a horrifying glimpse at what the GOP is really like behind closed doors.

Take Action: Denounce DeSantis and the Florida GOP for their fascist takeover!

DeSantis threatens to build state prison next to Disney World, in latest round of retribution over power grab
The Florida governor is sinking deeper into the gutter of far-right politics in the pathetic hope that it will help him out-Trump Trump himself. His latest suggestion that he might build a state prison next to Disney World, presumably to scare off families, serves no purpose beyond petty vengeance against the company — one of the largest employers in his state — for daring to stand up against his hateful “Don’t Say Gay” bill. This kind of behavior might play well with radical right wingers, but ordinary voters look at this clown act and see someone decidedly unfit for higher office.

Tucker Carlson duped by fake military documents on Ukraine war shared by Russian propagandist
Fox News bloviator Tucker Carlson accused the media and US government of lying about the war in Ukraine, reportedly on the basis of altered versions of leaked military documents shared by a well-known pro-Russian propagandist. Carlson, of course, couldn’t be bothered to find out if the documents were real or not — but that didn’t stop him from broadcasting the lies to millions of people anyway. Is he evil, or just stupid? The answer is yes.

Writers authorize historic strike as nearly 98% of WGA votes to support work stoppage
The streaming era has brought a slew of changes — and massive profits — to Hollywood but writers have largely been left out of the windfall, with many struggling just to make ends meet. On Monday, 97.85% of the Writers Guild of America voted to authorize their labor leaders to call a work stoppage — the first since 2008 — if ongoing negotiations with the studios and streamers stall out. Solidarity forever!

McCarthy’s pitch to shrink food aid drawing skepticism from fellow Republicans
The Republican House speaker is once again trying to reheat and sell the self-evidently ludicrous myth that the GOP actually cares about the national debt, despite skyrocketing it under Trump. As usual, the GOP is targeting the most vulnerable communities in the country. McCarthy’s latest scheme — to further strip away food assistance from millions of low-income Americans — seems designed for no other reason than to clear the runway for future tax cuts for the super rich. Unfortunately for the plutocrats, some of McCarthy’s GOP colleagues in the Senate aren’t optimistic that the proposed cuts will survive.

Georgia National guard to use phone locations to track children for recruiting purposes
Conservatives seemingly scared shitless over TikTok on our children’s phones apparently don’t have any issues with the US military exploiting those very same devices to lure another generation into joining America’s armed forces, swelling the ranks for whatever pointless war right wingers and war hawks decide to bungle us into next.


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Today’s Action: Tell Ohio Governor DeWine to release wrongfully convicted Keith Lamar!

Death row inmate Keith Lamar is set to be executed November 16th, 2023, despite extensive evidence that he was wrongfully convicted of murder by the state of Ohio. Lamar, imprisoned after defending himself against a home robbery, was four years into his sentence when an uprising at Lucasville Prison occurred. The melee resulted in the death of one prison guard, as well as multiple inmates, and with no one person to blame at the time the state worked as hard as they could to ensure Lamar would take the fall — all to maintain the illusion that officials had the situation under control.

Paid informants offered false testimony, evidence of Lamar’s innocence was intentionally withheld (including a confession to one of the murders from another inmate), and Black jurors were intentionally restricted from taking part in the trial. Keith Lamar, an innocent Black man, was sentenced to death by an all-white jury and judge. He has subsequently spent the last 28 years in solitary confinement with no exceptions for good behavior, fighting to keep his indomitable spirit alive.

Write to Governor Dewine’s office and demand that they IMMEDIATELY release Lamar!

In 2011, the Joint Task Force to Review the Administration of Ohio’s Death Penalty asserted “that no one should be indicted, let alone sentenced to death, based solely on the uncorroborated testimony of jailhouse informants.” This is an independent task force of retired judges, attorneys, and college professors that was literally brought together by the Ohio Supreme Court. Based on this recommendation alone, Lamar should absolutely NOT be put to death.

Lamar has suffered ongoing physical and mental abuse for more than two decades for a crime he clearly did not commit. It’s well past time to make it right.

Fill out the Governor’s “Contact Us” form to call for the swift release of Keith Lamar, before it’s too late!

PS — Please don’t forget to sign the petition demanding Florida overturn its draconian 6-week abortion law, and be sure to follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.