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Top Stories for November 19:

Trump blows a fuse after DOJ names special counsel

Attorney General Merrick Garland tapped Jack Smith, a war crimes prosecutor, to oversee federal investigations into the former insurrectionist-in-chief and to make the decision to bring charges against him. Spoiler: Trump did not take it well.

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VIDEO OF THE DAY: Kevin McCarthy faces open revolt from far-right wing of the GOP

Just days after Kevin McCarthy took a victory lap for salvaging a narrow House majority from the debacle of the 2022 midterms, extreme MAGA members of his own caucus announced their intention to prevent him from becoming Speaker. Careful what you wish for!

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Herschel Walker makes B-Movie monsters look like upstanding citizens

OD Action Partner: Walker’s own stupidity is his silver bullet, but the MAGA-GOP and their corporate donors will back this raving lunatic no matter what. Here’s what it will take to defeat this MAGA monster…

Democrats flip Pennsylvania statehouse in final blow to GOP’s “red wave”
The Keystone State will not only enjoy a Democratic majority in Harrisburg for the first time in a decade; they’ll be led by Pennsylvania’s first-ever female Speaker, Joanna McClinton. Considering that the PA GOP had been planning on putting an an anti-abortion referendum on the ballot and has been staunch in their 2020 election denialism, this is about as big a rejection of Trumpism as you could possibly want from one of the few remaining battleground states in the country.

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Judge allows Saturday voting for Georgia senate runoff
In a major win for Democrats and incumbent Senator Raphael Warnock, Judge Thomas A. Cox Jr. found that Georgia’s election code “does not specifically prohibit” counties from conducting early voting on Saturday. Suppressing the vote is the only way that Republicans and their wildly unpopular collection of conspiracies and prejudices that they try to pass off as “policy” can ever win these days, so this is a big blow to Herschel Walker’s chances of stealing the seat.

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Hakeem Jeffries officially launches bid to succeed Nancy Pelosi as leader of the Democratic caucus

The New York congressman’s behind-the-scenes maneuvering has paid off as he prepares to take the reins from Speaker Pelosi. His ascension would make him the first African American ever to lead a party in Congress.

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Elon Musk releases poll asking Twitter users if Trump should be reinstated
The man once dubbed “Apartheid Clyde” by rapper Azelia Banks is pressing ahead with his plans to reactivate banned accounts of all degrees of depravity. Though he has yet to make a final decision on the disgraced former president’s status, this poll suggests he may be laying the groundwork for it.

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Biden slammed for letting Saudi leader off the hook in Kashoggi murder
The Washington Post editorial board has condemned the Biden administration over its disappointing conclusion that Saudi Arabian Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman should be granted immunity in a lawsuit for the 2018 slaying of Post journalist Jamal Khashoggi.

Indiana deputy’s gun discharges, shoots student in classroom
The GOP’s obsession with more cops in schools took a calamitous turn in Clinton, Indiana, where a 19-year veteran of the Vermillion County Sheriff’s Department accidentally discharged his revolver during a vocational training class, hospitalizing a student. Maybe we should try getting the guns OUT of school for a change?

Trump tweeted out classified images from a spy satellite, declassified doc shows
Three years ago, then-President Trump left intelligence experts gob smacked when he tweeted a classified image showcasing a “bird’s eye view of some of the most sensitive US intelligence on Iran.” Somehow, this elicited no response from the Republicans who obsessed over Hillary’s email server for so long.

Convicted Theranos fraudster Elizabeth Holmes sentenced
Once dubbed “the next Steve Jobs,” Holmes will see the world through the bars of her prison cell for the next 11 years for deceiving investors, clients and the public about her company’s blood-testing technology.


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