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BREAKING: Russian court denies Brittney Griner’s appeal of 9-year prison sentence

Top Stories for October 25:

Trump is already preparing to challenge 2022 midterm election results

Welcome to the new normal — unless Trump is stopped for good. New reports indicate that the disgraced ex-president has convened a series of in-person meetings and conference calls with allies and officials in battleground states to prepare for legal challenges to upcoming elections that could determine the balance of power in Congress ahead of the 2024 presidential election.

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VIDEO OF THE DAY: Ted Cruz humiliated with boos at Yankee Stadium

The despised Texas senator got a classic New York welcome during his weekend trip to a MLB playoff game.

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Democrats now in striking distance of a surprise Senate flip

No Lie with Brian Tyler Cohen: Whoa.

Clarence Thomas temporarily blocks Graham election case testimony
While many suspect partisan interference by the notorious right-wing radical justice, others argue that he is simply allowing both sides of the case to present their arguments. Sen. Graham is being called to testify to a grand jury in Georgia in a criminal investigation into whether Trump and his allies unlawfully tried to overturn 2020 election results in the state, arguing that his status as a senator gives him immunity.

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Liberal Democrats urge President Biden to seek negotiated Ukraine settlement
“Given the destruction created by this war for Ukraine and the world, as well as the risk of catastrophic escalation, we also believe it is in the interests of Ukraine, the United States, and the world to avoid a prolonged conflict,” the 30 Democratic members of the House of Representatives said in a letter to Biden. The ominous threat of nuclear war, a looming food shortage crisis, and a stop to the senseless carnage all feel like very good reasons to sit down at the negotiating table.

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Tucker Carlson reportedly threatens NRCC chair Tom Emmer in flap over son Buckley Carlson

There’s beef brewing behind the scenes in the GOP as a member of NRCC chair Rep. Tom Emmer’s staff accused a rival, Rep. Jim Banks, of hiring Tucker’s 24-year-old son Buckley just to curry favor with the GOP elite. Tucker took umbrage at the idea that his son was a nepotism hire (shocking!) and immediately began bullying Emmer into giving up the staffer. Don Jr. and Marjorie Taylor Green immediately got in on the action themselves on social media, attacking Emmer. It’s very ironic that Tucker of all people is so angry about this considering that he himself got his career started as a nepotism hire.

Republicans caught darkening the skin color of Black candidates in their attack ads
In an unsurprising but appallingly racist bit of pre-election fearmongering, Republican candidates have been caught darkening the skin of Black Democrats like Mandela Barnes and Stacey Abrams in their attack ads in a transparent effort to play on racial prejudices among their base voters.

Watch Richard Ojeda Count Down the Top 5 “Pro-Life” Hypocrites and Liars of the MAGA-GOP

OD Action Partner: Funny how all the talking points coming from the so-called “pro life” party are all LIES.

Armed vigilantes are “monitoring” ballot drop boxes in Arizona
In an ominous sight we can expect to see more of in the next few weeks as threats of Trump-inspired violence and flagrant voter intimidation skyrocket, two armed and masked men wearing tactical gear surveilled a drop box outside the Maricopa County Juvenile Court building in Mesa. Police were called but were predictably useless, concluding that the men hadn’t “broken any laws.”

Rishi Sunak will become the next UK prime minister
The 42-year-old Hindu will become the United Kingdom’s first PM of color — and its first ex-Goldman Sachs PM as well. Surely great things are in store for Britain’s public health system with a hedge fund ghoul at the helm!

Trump raged against ’60 Minutes’ after it featured Dominion’s CEO calmly dismissing his bogus election-fraud theories
“’60 Minutes’ is not a News Show, it is a Democrat propaganda machine. Their story last night on Election Fraud was a JOKE!” wrote Trump, who went on to push a tired series of conspiracy theories, baseless claims about election fraud, and plots against him by the FBI.

Adidas dumps Kanye West over antisemitic remarks
Ye’s nearly decade-long partnership with the German sneaker giant helped make the rap superstar a billionaire and vaulted his Yeezy branded sneakers to a global audience. His ongoing antisemitic tirade this month brought that relationship to a screeching halt.


Bloody Monday

Meanwhile, in the rest of the world…


Today’s Action: Tell the FTC we need safeguards against corporate data abuse!

The Federal Trade Commission started a long-overdue rulemaking process regarding online surveillance practices and corporate data abuse. Even our most intimate online activity is currently tracked and legally recorded by companies, disproportionately — and unsurprisingly — affecting marginalized communities the most. 

In the wake of the Supreme Court’s disastrous ruling earlier this year stripping Americans of our right to reproductive healthcare, the specter of criminalization has become even clearer. Uncontrolled access to our online habits and behaviors is an existential threat to basic privacy — one that can and will be wielded by moral zealots crusading for their dangerous vision of a theocratic America.

Corporations that want to keep unadulterated access to our online activity will certainly have lobbyists and other stakeholders ready to flood the FTC’s comment period in favor of continued, unfettered invasive data tracking. We must ensure that progressives and privacy advocates are also letting them know by the thousands that we demand sensible regulation that protects our privacy, data, and lives.

Join Fight For The Future’s call for meaningful safeguards against corporate data abuse and demand the FTC protects our online privacy now!  


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