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Top Stories for November 7:

Donald Trump mocks Ron ‘DeSanctimonious’ DeSantis in election eve circus act

In a preview of the bruising battle to come, the disgraced ex-president unveiled his new (actually not unfunny) nickname for the pugnacious Florida governor and one-time ally during a campaign stop in — why not — Pennsylvania. “We’re winning big, big, big in the Republican Party for the nomination like nobody has ever seen before,” the serial grifter said. “There it is, Trump at 71%, Ron DeSanctimonious at 10%,” citing fake poll numbers backed up by zero data.

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VIDEO OF THE DAY: Rising Democratic star surges into spotlight with barn burning election eve speech

Pennsylvania Democratic gubernatorial candidate Josh Shapiro delivered an impassioned speech laying out the stark choice Pennsylvanians face on Tuesday, rightfully calling out radical right-wing Republican challenger Doug Mastriano’s hellish vision for the future of American governance.

Unexpected early vote news stuns the US

No Lie with Brian Tyler Cohen: Wow.

“Let them all go now”: Trump calls for release of everyone arrested in Jan. 6 insurrection
The disgraced ex-president is now openly calling for the immediate release of hundreds of rioters arrested during his failed insurrection at the US Capitol, including dozens of felons who have already been convicted of their crimes. The “tough on crime,” “law and order” charlatan called the rioters and cop-beaters “incredible” people who deserved pardons and full apologies from the US government.

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Former GOP chair calls “God Made” Ron DeSantis ad “assbackwards blasphemy”
Michael Steele torched Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis over his incredibly arrogant, allegedly God-endorsed campaign ad as “ass-backwards blasphemy” that will irritate most religious people. (Editor’s note: Also offensive to non-religious folks.)

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Texas Republicans rake in millions from far-right Christian megadonors pushing private school vouchers

Texas Republicans bankrolled by Christian conservative donors are hoping to ride a wave of trumped up, irrational parental anger over the super dangerous teaching of very scary topics like race (eegadz!) and sexuality (for shame!) in schools to achieve what has long been an unattainable goal: the decimation of public education and state funding for private, religious indoctrination under the guise of “schooling.”

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Twitter is already trying to rehire workers Elon Musk fired days ago
The social media giant, which laid off roughly half the company on Friday following Elon Musk’s $44 billion acquisition, is reaching out to dozens of employees it just fired and asking them to return. Some of those who are being asked to return were laid off by mistake, according to two people familiar with the moves. Others were let go before management realized that their work and experience may be necessary to build the new features their fearless new leader envisions.

Republicans are all too happy to let their hypocrisy distract from climate crisis they are feeding and profiting from

EDF Action: The Environmental Defense Fund is working overtime to call out Republicans’ threat to the planet and force meaningful action before it’s too late. Chip in to help them get the job done!

Random GOP senator no one wanted to run for president in 2024 announces he will not run for president in 2024
Arkansas Republican Tom Cotton disappointed tens of followers with his decision to exit the Republican presidential primary contest before it began, depriving fans of schadenfreude of comically awkward debate clashes with and sophomoric barbs from disgraced ex-president Donald Trump.

Congressional investigators hunt for foreign leaders’ fancy gifts to Trump
Where there are plumes of putrid, unending smoke there’s a whole lotta fire, folks.

GOP megadonor bucks Trump, backs DeSantis for president in 2024
Hedge fund CEO, token philanthropist, and billionaire kingmaker Ken Griffin, who’s given nearly $60 million to federal Republican candidates and campaigns this election cycle, has turned his back on the disgraced ex-president “for a litany of reasons” and is publicly backing Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis to advance and defend the GOP status quo in 2024.


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Today’s Action: Phone bank for abortion rights with Protect Kentucky Access!

In all 50 states, crucial races up and down the ballot TOMORROW could turn the tide in the increasingly urgent fight for abortion rights. The Supreme Court’s disastrous overturning of Roe v. Wade this summer placed the lives of pregnant women throughout the country at even greater risk, with those in red states subjected to extremist trigger laws designed to force them to carry unwanted and dangerous pregnancies to term without exception.

For us here at OD Action, that threat is personal — Kentucky, a state deeply at risk for losing abortion care, is our home base. It’s a state where voters are historically disenfranchised and exploited, where communities suffer without proper support from negligent legislators, and conservative politicians who are completely unrepresentative of their constituents — we’re looking at you, Mitch McConnell — call the shots.

Protect Kentucky Access is hosting two final virtual phone-banking sessions to fight for reproductive healthcare and against a far-right amendment to ban abortion altogether in the state. Just an hour out of your day today could mean reaching the voters necessary to secure reproductive healthcare for our commonwealth — national allyship could mean a world of difference for Kentuckians in this fight.

Find an hour you’re free today or tomorrow and commit to calling voters with Protect Kentucky Access from the comfort of your own home! You just need a computer, a phone, and a willingness to do good work.


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