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Top Stories for December 26:

Donald Trump drops grievance-filled “Merry Christmas” message

In the true spirit of Christmas, the disgraced ex-president used the occasion to puff his chest, lie, and bitch about all the people who hurt his feelings this year. Ladies and gentlemen of the magaverse, your cult leader is a Seinfeld character.

Frigid monster storm across US claims at least 34 lives
Millions of people hunkered down against a deep freeze Sunday to ride out the winter storm that has killed at least 34 people across the United States and is expected to claim more lives after trapping some residents inside houses with heaping snow drifts and knocking out power to tens of thousands of homes and businesses.

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Jamie Raskin issues bad news for Trump

No Lie with Brian Tyler Cohen: About time.

Republican senator called Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani “walking malpractice,” January 6 report says
Utah Senator and longtime fellow Trump enabler Mike Lee privately castigated Giuliani the night of the failed insurrection on the US Capitol. True to form, Lee — like so many others in the GOP — held the party line in public, downplaying or altogether silencing any criticisms of their treasonous commander in chief and his team of wildly incompetent loons.

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Twitter restores suicide prevention feature after jarring Reuters report
The billionaire tech bozo restored a feature that promotes suicide prevention hotlines and other safety resources to users looking up certain content, after coming under intense pressure from some Twitter users and consumer safety groups over its abrupt and utterly reprehensible removal.

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Russian state TV hails QAnon Rep. Lauren Boebert for refusing to stand for Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy during visit to Congress

The right-wing rabble-rousing rep. won a significant new fan — Kremlin state TV — for refusing to stand and applaud Zelenskyy when he spoke to Congress in Washington, DC, last week. Having American politicians contribute to the Russian propaganda effort is a very big deal — and it’s clear that Boebert and the rest of her MAGA pals would much rather have a Putin-style dictatorship than the pesky democracy that keeps them from seizing full control.

San Francisco Macy’s workers strike over “totally unacceptable” contract
Hundreds of workers at Macy’s San Francisco flagship store walked off the job on Christmas Eve amid the last-minute holiday shopping rush for a two-day strike after the retail giant — which reported $108 million in third-quarter income — refused to compromise on proper wage increases, affordable healthcare, staffing levels, and seniority demands.

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Happy Holidays from Major Richard Ojeda USA (Ret.) & No Dem Left Behind!

atAdvocacy partner: “Donald Trump is Going to Jail” could be the next holiday hit produced by American Justice System Records!

China has stopped publishing daily COVID data amid reports of a huge spike in cases
After finally relenting to internal pressure to drop the COVID-19 restrictions that had kept transmission rates low but people unhappy, China is sadly experiencing an avalanche of COVID infections. In China’s eastern Zhejiang province alone, the provincial government said it was experiencing about one million new daily cases. Meanwhile, Bloomberg and the Financial Times reported on a leaked estimate by top Chinese health officials that as many as 250 million people may have been infected in the first 20 days of December.

Beloved community activist killed in Christmas Eve hit-and-run
Trina Newman, a 61-year-old minister, beloved activist, and foster parent, was dropping off presents for local children at a community center in South Los Angeles Saturday afternoon when a driver plowed into her as she stepped off the sidewalk to get into her car. Police did not provide a description of the vehicle, but family members hope security cameras in the area will help bring the killer to justice.

3 power substations vandalized in Washington state on Christmas morning, over 14,000 lost power
The Christmas Day attacks in the Tacoma area followed similar utility station breaches earlier this month in North Carolina. The Department of Homeland Security issued a bulletin in November warning that US critical infrastructure could be among the targets of possible attacks by “lone offenders and small groups motivated by a range of ideological beliefs and/or personal grievances.”


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