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Top Stories for October 5:

Trump asks Clarence Thomas to weigh in on Mar-a-Lago classified docs probe

Rapidly running out of options, Trump’s team has filed an emergency request asking Justice Clarence Thomas, who oversees the 11th Circuit Court, to restore his hand-picked judge’s original order that would keep 100 classified documents under the authority of the Special Master, not federal investigators. It’s not likely to accomplish anything other than throwing yet another wrench in the infuriatingly slow process of bringing him to justice for his crimes — but sooner or later he’s going to run out of wrenches.

Take Action: Impeach Clarence Thomas for hiding corrupt payments to his wife!

VIDEO OF THE DAY: Herschel Walker’s son sinks his own father’s campaign

Turns out years of neglect and abuse came back to bite the GOP Senate candidate at a most inopportune moment. Grab your popcorn!

Take Action: Demand Congress cap the price of insulin!

Civil war erupts between Trump and Republicans

No Lie with Brian Tyler Cohen: Things just got bad within the GOP.

LAPD officer killed in “training accident” was investigating gang rape by four other cops
The lawyer for deceased officer Houston Tipping alleged in an explosive press conference that Tipping had been investigating a 2021 gang rape by four other LAPD officers — and that one of the officers involved in the alleged rape was present when he died. Sworn declarations from a nurse and paramedic say that Tipping suffered from spinal cord injuries, a collapsed lung, broken ribs, and liver damage, creating the appearance that he was beaten to death by his fellow officers in retaliation for investigating their vile crimes.

Take Action: Tell “Dank Brandon” to decriminalize marijuana at the federal level!

Florida is demanding female teen athletes report their menstrual histories in order to play
Welcome to Republican “small government,” which just wants to know when young girls are menstruating and to store that data in online databanks that can be accessed by a state law enforcement charged with prosecuting abortion care.

Take Action: Demand Congress pass the Respect for Marriage Act!

Republicans double down on Herschel Walker
Though nobody should be surprised at this point, it is still just wild to see prominent anti-abortion Republicans like Donald Trump, Rick Scott, and Josh Hawley dismiss the very credible allegations against Walker out of hand. Just goes to show that everything they profess to believe in is nothing but a cynical ploy for their pursuit of power and control.

Justice Jackson makes waves in first Supreme Court arguments

Justice Kentaji Brown Justice expertly dissected right-wing excuses for their racist gerrymanders and attempts to further weaken the Civil Rights Act. She’s going to be a force to reckon with on the Supreme Court, but unfortunately we live in a world where facts, debate and precedent no longer matter in the face of an deeply ideological court controlled by far-right extremists.

A puppy-killing snake oil salesman and an insurrectionist radical are on the ballot in Pennsylvania

Summer Lee for Congress: Summer Lee is building a grassroots get-out-the-vote campaign to make sure these monstrous men never take office. Can you chip in to help Democrats win up and down the ballot in a critical swing state?

Jackson, Mississippi’s water crisis traced back to Wall Street credit agencies
Moody’s Investor Service downgraded Jackson’s credit rating to junk status in 2018, skyrocketing the price of borrowing to the point where the cash-strapped city couldn’t afford to fix its aging infrastructure — leaving the majority Black city reeling from a water crisis that it still has not been able to resolve.

South Korea and US troops fire missiles into the ocean in response to North Korean missile test
Honestly, what are we doing here? Is there really no way to solve our differences other than throwing a couple million dollars worth of high explosive and toxic fuel into the ocean? Leave the fish alone!

NYPD is illegally sending people to Rikers without ever seeing a judge, lawsuit claims
The impunity with which police forces break the law is truly astounding to behold. A lawsuit filed on behalf of four prisoners alleges that the NYPD are taking prisoners to the deadly Rikers Island prison — where 21 inmates have died so far this year — without ever seeing a judge or a courtroom. It is “nothing short of an extrajudicial campaign of terror and kidnapping,” says the suit.

Elon Musk caves to Twitter, agrees to go through with purchase if they drop the lawsuit against him
The interminable, excruciating will-they-won’t-they between Musk and Twitter may finally be coming to an end — and a reactionary right-wing moron may soon have full control of the world’s most important media platform. Not good!


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