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100,000 Ukrainian civilian deaths: Shocking toll of Putin’s bloody invasion one year later

Top Stories for February 24:

Trump, FBI director can be deposed in lawsuit from ex-FBI agent Peter Strzok, judge rules

The disgraced ex-president has found himself dragged into yet another lawsuit, this time by one of his favorite punching bags, ex-FBI agent Peter Strzok. Strzok was infamously fired from the FBI at Trump’s behest after the former agent’s text messages were leaked and found to contain criticism of the then-president. Strzok is suing over his dismissal, and it looks like ole Donny — who never passes up a chance to rip on Strzok at his rallies — is going to have to go under oath yet again over this obviously retaliatory firing.

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VIDEO OF THE DAY: Gloves off: Buttigieg finally attacks Trump in must-see takedown

Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg traveled to East Palestine, Ohio, where he publicly called out the disgraced ex-president and the GOP for their decades-long push to weaken rail safety regulations.

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Lauren Boebert gets bad news in Colorado

No Lie with Brian Tyler Cohen: Wow.

A Norfolk Southern policy lets officials order crews to ignore safety alerts
As the nation grapples with the fallout from the disastrous East Palestine train derailment, ProPublica has discovered that ignoring safety concerns is official Norfolk Southern policy. Norfolk Southern allows a monitoring team to instruct crews to ignore alerts from train track sensors designed to flag potential mechanical problems. While investigators are still looking into whether this played a role in the East Palestine derailment, it directly led to an earlier derailment near Cleveland that poured paraffin wax — which is thankfully nonhazardous — into the town of Sandusky. In that incident, the monitoring team ignored worker warnings and ordered the train to continue rather than take a one-hour delay. The train jumped the tracks four miles later.

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Lawyer argues fetus of jailed pregnant woman is being illegally detained
A clever lawyer is throwing Republicans’ own deeply flawed, incoherent arguments back in their faces in order to get a pregnant client out of jail. Attorney William M. Norris argued that, since the Florida Constitution says a fetus is a person, the state is subjecting his client’s baby to “unlawful and illegal detention” since it has not been charged with any crimes. Norris also alleges that his pregnant client has not received OBGYN care in four months, and the state is failing to provide the mother-to-be with adequate prenatal nutrition or medical care. Folks, this should not come as a suprise. The GOP’s obsession with banning abortion care isn’t about the welfare of unborn fetuses — it’s about controlling women’s bodies.

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Half the country experiencing summer temps while a blizzard warning looms in California

Over one million people have lost power as a brutal blizzard swirls through half the country, while the other half enjoys unheard-of summertime temps. Great Lakes ice coverage is only at 7% instead of the usual 30% for this time of year, while there’s a blizzard warning in Los Angeles for the first time in decades. This seems…bad. Almost as if…the climate is changing and we’re not doing anything about it.

Family files lawsuit after Colorado police kill unarmed man at point-blank range in middle school pickup line
Prepare to tear your hair out in fury. Last February, a 32-year-old man waiting in a carpool line with his mother mistakenly opened the door of another car while waiting tp pick up his brother from school. Minutes later, a Pueblo County sheriff’s deputy dragged the young man out of his own car, shot him three times at point-blank range, let him bleed out on the ground, and THEN ARRESTED HIS MOTHER AND SEIZED HER PROPERTY. The District Attorney’s office bought the responding officers’ bullshit excuse that they felt they were in danger and justified their killing of an innocent man in front of a school of children, a decision that let both officers return to their jobs just days later. Bodycam footage of the horrific incident was withheld from the public for a full year. This is everything that’s wrong with American policing.

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US frees two Pakistani brothers held for almost 20 years without charges at Guantanamo Bay
The United States has finallly repatriated two brothers to their native Pakistan after holding them for almost two decades in military prison without charges. Abdul Rabbani, 55, and Mohammed Rabbani, 53, were arrested by Pakistani authorities in their home city of Karachi in 2002 before swiftly being transferred to US custody for allegedly operating al-Qaida safe houses.

Man charged with eating two bags of stolen chips
In the latest example of the complete absurdity of the American “justice” system, a Tennessee man, who is of course Black, was arrested and charged for picking up and eating $5 worth of chips that fell to the ground after ANOTHER person stole a display of snacks from a nearby convenience store. Seems like a good use of public resources.

DOJ pressured to investigate 100+ West Virginia jail deaths
Activists with the Poor People’s Campaign and relatives of some of the 13 inmates who died at West Virginia’s Southern Regional Jail last year held a press conference Thursday to implore the Biden administration to investigate conditions at the notorious lockup, as well as the deaths of more than 100 prisoners in the state during the last 10 years.

The 9-question survey many doctors use to diagnose depression was actually created by an antidepressant manufacturer
It turns out that a Zoloft marketer who worked for pharmaceutical giant Pfizer wrote the nine-question test that many doctors use to diagnose depression. The test was designed specifically to be answered in a 15-minute doctor’s visit — and then used to justify prescribing anti-depressants, which of course puts money right back in the pockets of Big Pharma’s vampiric executives. Why this test has been used to diagnose serious mental issues and prescribe powerful brain-changing drugs for so long is beyond comprehension. It also raises serious questions about the overprescription of drugs in America in general.


For the union makes us strong!

Dispatches from the GOP’s war on trans people



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Today’s Action: Support Temple graduate students on strike!

Temple University recently revoked tuition remission for the entire semester in response to graduate students striking for better pay and benefits. University officials aren’t even trying to hide their union-busting scheme — they sent a rather straightforward email identifying the strike as the sole reason for the tuition removal. Furthermore, they notified students that the full semester tuition woud be due by March 9th or students would be subject to $100 late fees.

It’s ironic that the union’s call for adequate pay was met with more explicit greed from the university. At the bargaining table, the university continued pressuring students to accept an inferior contract that would conveniently keep their yearly pay below the annual cost of living in Philadelphia. 80% of the union rightfully rejected the woeful terms, which means their strike will continue.

Temple University graduate students need our support! Donate to the Temple Strike Fund and spread the word with their social media toolkit! Amplify their (more than) reasonable demands for a living wage, healthcare for families and dependents, longer parental and bereavement leave, and better working conditions today!

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