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Biden launches applications for student loan forgiveness

Top Stories for October 15:

Donald Trump answered the committee’s subpoena with 14 pages of brain leakage

Not only did the 14-page Mad Libs of the disgraced ex-president’s favorite buzz words include ramblings on debunked claims of fraud/hoaxes and boasts of his mob’s crowd size, he included a nonsensical nickname for the “unselect committee” (lol) and — yep — pictures! As to whether or not he will comply with the subpoena, there’ll be time for that later.

Take Action: Impeach the judge who interfered in the stolen doc probe to help Trump!

VIDEO OF THE DAY: Herschel Walker humiliated in Georgia senate debate against Raphael Warnock

Just when you thought the flailing former football player couldn’t embarrass himself any further, Senator Warnock – and the debate moderator – ushered Walker to all new depths of shame and indignity.

OPEC, Russia and the MAGA-GOP are cozying up before the midterm elections

OD Action partner: Oil producers get richer, Putin pulls in more revenue for his morally-twisted war and raising gas prices helps the election chances of the MAGA cult.

Trump operative caught in Georgia voting office breach testified before grand jury
Scott Hall was among the Trump campaign agents captured by surveillance cameras breaching a state election office. Now District Attorney Fanny Willis has his testimony in her criminal investigation into the attempt to steal the 2020 election.

Ted Cruz falls for fake news story, then blames real media for pointing it out
The spineless senator from Texas retweeted a fake Atlantic magazine story about Muslim white supremacists, and then made an excuse so pathetic, you’d have to be Ted Cruz to fall for it.

Take Action: Tell President Biden to take action to fix Puerto Rico’s power crisis!

Martha’s Vineyard stunt backfires gloriously as migrants now in line for special visas

In what might be the self-own of the decade, 50 of the migrants that Ron DeSantis tricked into being trafficked to the Massachusetts island are now on track to receive special visas to stay in the U.S. after a Texas sheriff certified the crimes committed against them.

Take Action: Demand the Justice Department prosecute DeSantis and Abbott for their Martha’s Vineyard migrant stunt!

FBI warned “sizable percentage” of bureau employees sympathetic to 1/6 insurrectionists
An internal email made public Thursday sounded the alarm that many inside the FBI “felt sympathetic to the group that stormed the Capitol,” and that the assault on the Capitol was “no different” than BLM protests.

Take Action: Tell “Dank Brandon” to decriminalize marijuana at the federal level!

The death knell for Herschel Walker’s campaign

No Lie with Brian Tyler Cohen: He won’t come back from this.

DOJ asks appeals court to shut down special master appointed by Trump loyalist judge
Now that the Supreme Court embarrassingly shut down Trump’s appeal to expand the authority of the special master to include all classified documents seized, Merrick Garland’s DOJ is asking the courts to remove the special master completely.

U.N. warns nuclear war is back “within the realm of possibility”
One guess who’s Putin us all at risk…

Roger Stones has massive meltdown on social media during 1/6 committee hearings
The lady doth protest too much, ya think?

Dr. Oz caught using paid campaign operative to stage emotional moment with Black voter
Media widely reported a story that a woman shared with Oz about grief caused by gun violence. Oz forgot to mention that he was paying the woman for the display.


America the beautiful?

What a wonderful world?



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