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Top Stories for December 15:

A notorious Trump judge just fired the first shot against birth control

We all knew it was coming. Having won the battle to overturn Roe v. Wade, Trump’s extremist judges are now turning their attention to getting rid of birth control. Texas judge Matthew Kacsmaryk issued an error-laden opinion in Deanda v. Becerra attacking Title X, a federal program that offers grants to health providers that fund voluntary and confidential family planning services to patients, in support of some insufferable, ultrareligious father who obsesses over controlling his daughters’ sexual activity. It’s likely to be overturned, but this is the first shot in yet another judicial culture war that we absolutely cannot afford to lose.

Take Action: Call on prosecutors to charge Fox News for recklessly endangering the life of an abortion doctor!

Pete Buttigieg schools Republican homophobe live on air

The transportation secretary embarrassed yet another outmatched, right-wing critic in eloquent fashion.

Take Action: Tell Congress to hold corporations accountable for price-gouging!

Fox News hosts humiliate themselves protecting Trump after midterms

No Lie with Brian Tyler Cohen: Beyond pathetic.

House OKs stopgap funding fix with broader deal still under wraps
The most basic function of Congress — funding the government — has turned into an absurd yearly battle of brinkmanship where Republicans hold the country hostage and demand outrageous concessions in exchange for doing their baseline jobs. Thankfully, it appears we may escape another costly shutdown this year. “Funding defense is a basic bipartisan duty of our government, not something that earns Democrats special treats,” Mitch McConnell said on the Senate floor on Wednesday, disgracefully dismissing material improvements to the lives of the American public as “special treats.”

Take Action: Tell Congress to break up Big Tech’s monopolies!

Last-minute Democratic push to expand the Child Tax Credit is all but dead, sources say
In a sadly predictable but wildly infuriating development, Republicans are refusing to entertain any expansion of the hugely popular Child Tax Credit, which cut child poverty in the US by 46% in 2021. Democrats are already offering to restore corporate research and development tax deductions that Republicans are in strongly favor of, so the GOP thinks it can just get what it wants for nothing in exchange. Not once has improving the lives of tens of millions of American children factored into the calculations of the forced-birth party.

Take Action: Tell Congress to renew the Child Tax Credit and keep our kids out of poverty!

Sen. Sanders pulls Yemen War Powers vote over lack of votes
Continuing this morning’s theme of “our government is utterly incapable of doing anything productive,” Sen. Bernie Sanders pulled his bill to end the US participation in Saudi Arabia’s murderous war in Yemen after failing to secure enough votes. This time, it’s Republicans AND Democrats standing in the way. White House aides have been marshalling opposition to the bill, ostensibly over concerns it might “complicate diplomacy” with Saudi Arabia. A more likely explanation is America’s executive branch is loathe to give up the carte blanche wartime powers it has enjoyed since the Bush administration failed to stop the 9/11 terror attacks two decades ago.

American Suedi Murekezi freed from Russian-controlled territory by Ukrainian military intelligence

Suedi Murekezi, who has lived in Ukraine since 2018, was arrested by Russian forces in Kherson after being falsely accused of participating in pro-Ukrainian protests. He says he was tortured and beaten by Russian intelligence, who thought he was a CIA operative, and was finally freed from Russian territory in a recent prisoner swap. Murekezi is eager to return home to Minnesota and enjoy a peanut butter sandwich.

Now that Republicans have taken the House, we need the Progressive Caucus more than ever

Pramila Jayapal for Congress: Pramila Jayapal is gearing up to lead our progressive champions in Congress against the radicalism and depravity of Marjorie Taylor Greene and her MAGA cronies — but she needs your help to do it. Can you chip in to help Rep. Jayapal focus on the fight for the values we hold dear against the onslaught of GOP extremists?

Democrats eschew seniority, choose Rep. Jamie Raskin to lead the House Oversight Committee against the GOP
The Maryland Democrat has proven himself to be capable, effective, and eloquent in the House Oversight Committee’s investigations of Donald Trump and his cronies. Now, he gets to call plays on the defensive side of the ball as the GOP prepares to unleash an avalanche of deeply stupid, conspiracy-based reprisal investigations against their lengthy list of imagined enemies, which we can only assume includes Hunter Biden, Dr. Fauci, the IRS, the FBI, and of course that notorious neophyte of needles, the insidious inoculation insider of Sesame Street — “Big Vax Big Snacks” Elmo himself.

Federal prisons failed to stop a pattern of abuse against female inmates
The inhumanity of the American gulag system was put on grim display once again by a Senate investigation that discovered that the Bureau of Prisons failed to “prevent, detect, and stop recurring sexual abuse in at least four federal prisons, including abuse by senior prison officials.” This comes just months after another Senate probe discovered the BoP failed to address years upon years of systemic abuse, corruption, and misconduct by correctional officers in federal prisons. The entire prison-industrial complex is rotten to the core and a blight upon the nation, destroying countless lives for the profits of corporate CEOs and government contractors.

Puerto Rican independence bill goes to US House vote on Thursday
At long last, Puerto Rico’s colonial purgatory appears to be heading to a resolution of some sort, as a bipartisan group of House representatives approved a roadmap for a plebiscite for the beleaguered island. Today’s floor vote outlines three potential self-governing statuses — statehood, independence, or sovereignty with free association with the United States. The latter is in place in Micronesia, Palau and the Marshall Islands.

Nancy Pelosi portrait unveiled, historic 1st of a female speaker
The House honored outgoing Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Wednesday with the unveiling of her official portrait, celebrating her as not just the first woman to hold the gavel but among the most consequential House speakers in American history — one who “got it done.”


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Today’s Action: Fight voter suppression in Ohio! 

In this lame-duck congressional session before our newly elected legislators step in next year, Republicans across the country will undoubtedly try to sneak in repressive legislation (like voter suppression tactics) in the hopes that Americans will be too tired from midterms to notice. That’s why Ohio Democrats are hosting a virtual phone banking session for calling Republican lawmakers, properly airing grievances, and protecting Ohio from sneaky anti-voter legislation. It’s just the event to get involved with to show the GOP that we’re certainly still paying attention — and we aren’t going down without a fight. 

There are only a few more days left in this current session, but we must remain vigilant in every state. The Republicans don’t take days off from scorching our rights, so we need our offense always at the ready to protect our democracy.

Sign up for one of the remaining training sessions with Ohio Democrats, today or tomorrow from 5:30pm-7:30pm EST. You’ll be briefed on what to say and who to say it to — and once you’ve attended one session, you’ll be able to make calls on your own any time before the session ends. If you can’t make a session but still want to make calls, check the event description for who to contact. Don’t miss out, join the fight today! 


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