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Top Stories for November 11:

VIDEO OF THE DAY: Trump finally snaps, attacks Ron DeSantis in unhinged rant

The disgraced former president completely lost it after 48 hours of right-wing media fawning over Ron DeSantis and blaming the GOP’s miserable midterm performance on him.

Take Action: Charge Trump with perjury for lying under oath in Big Lie lawsuit!

Democrats eye comeback victory in key senate race as votes continue to trickle in
A late Thursday update by Nevada voting officials saw Senator Catherine Cortez Masto close to within 8,000 votes of her Republican rival after trailing by 13,000 votes for much of the day, raising Democratic hopes of securing a senate majority before Georgia’s run-off election in December.

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Women stopped the “Red Wave” in its tracks

National Women’s History Museum: The fight for women’s rights scored a huge win on Tuesday when Americans turned out in droves to fight for reproductive rights. But it certainly won’t be the last battle, and it is critical that we preserve the history of the long struggle for women’s rights to inspire future generations and empower them to win their own victories. Can you chip in to the National Women’s History Museum to celebrate all we’ve accomplished?

Trump’s lawyers fined $50,000 for frivolous Russiagate lawsuit against Hillary
Four of the insurrectionist-in-chief’s attorneys were ordered to pay the hefty fine plus legal fees to defendants over the sham lawsuit that accused Hillary Clinton of directly fabricating the infamous Steele dossier, which was later discovered to have been mostly bunk. However, they lied so often in the lawsuit it was thrown out with extreme prejuidice.

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Construction stopped at President Obama’s library after noose found
The group overseeing construction of the Obama Presidential Center in Chicago has offered a $100,000 reward to identify the cowards responsible for the blatant hate crime.

Take Action: Tell Congress to add new tax brackets for the megawealthy!

Nearly every GOP candidate who took part in insurrection lost election bids

Led by the spineless Doug Mastriano, who was humiliated by Democrat Josh Shapiro in Pennsylvania’s governor’s race, the traitors who bragged about participating in the January 6th assault on our democracy got what they deserved.

Coal- and oil-backed Manchin blocks Biden’s pick to head federal energy regulator
Any hopes that the version of Joe Manchin who did an about-face on opposing Biden’s agenda and backed the Inflation Reduction Act was here to stay were dashed Thursday as the fossil fuel stooge’s true colors reemerged.

Unexpected early vote news stuns the US

No Lie with Brian Tyler Cohen: Wow.

A Texas judge blocks Biden’s student loan-forgiveness plan
A Trump-appointed judge has put the kibosh on President Biden’s student loan plan to lift the millstone of debt from the necks of millions of Americans — at least until the inevitable appeals process begins and we are somehow stuck in legal limbo for months or possibly years on end as partisan judges bat it up and down the ladder.

Wall Street Journal and NY Post embarrass Trump on same day in humiliating public dumping
The two Rupert Murdoch-owned papers that helped put Trump in the White House just 6 years ago made it plain to everyone that they are throwing him under the bus to protect their precious millionaire tax cuts, with the Journal calling him the “biggest loser,” and the Post labeling him “Trumpty Dumpty” who “couldn’t build a wall.”

Russia completes retreat from Kherson, allegedly leaving their wounded behind
Russia said its troops finished withdrawing Friday from the western bank of the river that divides Ukraine’s southern Kherson region, allowing Ukrainian forces to move cautiously toward reclaiming the country’s only Russian-occupied provincial capital in what would be a major victory.

Alex Jones ordered to pay additional $437 million to Sandy Hook families
Connecticut Superior Court Judge Barbara Bellis added this nearly half-a-billion-dollar ruling to the $965 million a jury awarded eight families of Sandy Hook victims and a first responder last month in compensatory damages.


More midterms fallout

Grim tidings


Today’s Action: Take action for Veterans’ Day!

As we celebrate America’s service members on this national holiday, let’s also not lose sight of one of the many tragic truths of war — far too many suffer from long-term health complications from their tours of duty, homelessness, and post-traumatic stress disorder. Some soldiers make the ultimate sacrifice on the battlefield while others pay that same price over many years after returning home.

Take some time this Veterans Day to serve those in your community. Here are several suggestions:

  • Call or email your local VA facility, or fill out their volunteer form
  • Know a veteran? The Veteran History Project wants their story! Conduct and record an interview remotely over Zoom or Skype to be added to the VHP archives.
  • Donate your old vehicle to the National Veterans Foundation! They’ll arrange pick-up and even improve your car before selling, raising the value of your donation.
  • Reach out to veterans. If you have veterans in your life, it’s more important than ever to simply call them up to ask how they’re managing, and if they’re honoring Veteran’s Day. For many, today is a very personal, somber day of reflection for lost comrades.

Pick the volunteer activity that most speaks to you this Veterans’ Day — and organize your community to join you!


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