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Top Stories for February 18:

Donald Trump Jr. rolls out vile nickname for John Fetterman on Marjorie Taylor Greene’s podcast

On the same day that Fetterman checked himself into the hospital to be treated for clinical depression – a common condition suffered by many stroke survivors – Donald Trump, Jr. called him the “vegetable senator from Pennsylvania.” We shouldn’t be surprised that the spawn of the man who built his presidency on calling people names, and the woman who’s entire grift is proving how Trumpy she can be to anyone who will listen, would combine for such a reprehensible moment in podcast history – but it’s still disgusting.

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VIDEO OF THE DAY: Trump loses it with unhinged response to bombshell Georgia news

The disgraced former president has gone completely bat-shit crazy after the special grand jury report was released Thursday, claiming that the heavily redacted document somehow exonerated him of all wrongdoing. Spoiler alert: it very much does not exonerate him. The small percentage of the report that’s unredacted clearly calls for perjury charges against several witnesses and highlights multiple facets of the investigation that suggest Trump is squarely in the cross hairs of Fulton County DA Fani Willis.

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The Rural Outreach Coordinated Campaign is poised to change Democrats’ prospects in Rural America

atAdvocacy Partner: ROCC is organizing infrastructure engineered by lifelong rural Dems to empower the best grassroots mobilization techniques and coordinate them into national strategy. This short video explains the work being done.

Disinformation campaign targeting Ohio train derailment traced to bogus news site
A flurry of conspiracies flooded social media after a Norfolk Southern train carrying hazardous materials derailed last week, catching fire and spewing toxic chemicals into the atmosphere and waterways. While the damage done is tragic and the lives affected are real, it appears the conspiracy theories were all sourced from a website that purports to be a news outlet but is really a disinformation operation whose writers are fake people with AI-generated faces.

Take Action: Protect communities from corporate railroad greed!

Firm caught hiring kids to clean meatpacking plant gets slap-on-the-wrist fine
Packers Sanitation Services paid a $1.5 million fine for illegally employing over 100 minors – some as young as 13 – to clean and sanitize “kill floors” at meatpacking factories across the U.S. during overnight shifts, according to the Department of Labor. This, in 2023. In America. SMH.

Take Action: Tell Congress to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment ASAP!

Ann Coulter tells Nikki Haley to “go back to your own country” in racist tirade

Speaking on “The Mark Simone Show,” Ann Coulter went full Klan mode on U.S. born Nikki Haley for her audacity to be of Indian heritage. Coulter went on to deride India for “worshipping cows” and having a “rat temple.” This degree of ignorance and hate mongering is sadly what it takes apparently to stay relevant in right-wing media circles, and even a Trump enabler and Republican shill like Nikki Haley deserves better.

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Trump tries to block evidence of two sexual assault allegations at rape defamation trial
At least 26 women have accused the serial assaulter of sexual misconduct since the 1970s, and lawyers for E. Jean Carroll, who alleges Trump raped her in the mid-1990s, want to use two of them to support their case in the upcoming defamation trial. Trump’s lawyers are desperately trying to block the inclusion of evidence in those cases, while also trying to block the admission of the infamous Access Hollywood tape where he admits to sexually assaulting women.

Pete Buttigieg takes down Marjorie Taylor Greene

No Lie with Brian Tyler Cohen: Brilliant.

Rep. Angie Craig flooded with abuse after deranged Fox News take on her assault
Just over a week after she was assaulted outside her D.C. apartment, the Minnesota Democrat’s office released audio Friday of threatening, vulgar phone calls it said it received after a segment on Fox News’ “The Five” show where the hosts bashed efforts by some Democratic cities and states to reform police departments. One caller said, “Finally this piece of shit gets accosted… You deserved it.”

Cops body slam pregnant woman during botched raid, shackle her while in labor
Hennepin County, Minnesota taxpayers must cover a $500,000 settlement to a woman after officer misconduct led to her arrest, and to jailers inhumanely shackling her while she was in active labor – all because officers botched a raid they said was to search for a stolen snowblower.

Statewide college walkouts planned after DeSantis transgender data demand revealed
In just the latest front in his war on his transgender citizens, Governor Ron DeSantis demanded – and received – information about trans students’ healthcare from at least six Florida universities, which delivered anonymized data on all students who had received medical attention for gender dysphoria through school-funded medical facilities over the past five years. Even for Florida, this is tragically dystopian.

GOP in full retreat on proposed cuts to Social Security and Medicare
Republican Rick Scott has formally surrendered in his quest to fulfill the GOP’s long-promised threats to cut, privatize, or otherwise gut Social Security and Medicare by letting the popular programs “sunset.” The move comes after President Biden called Scott’s plan out during the State of the Union Address, triggering an immediate backlash, and forcing Republicans to backtrack faster than George Santos during his record breaking 100-meter dash at the 2016 Olympics.


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