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Top Stories for December 14:

Trump Organization lost secret criminal contempt trial last year

The Trump Organization was fined $4,000 last year after being held in criminal contempt following the loss of a secret one-day trial over its refusal to obey court orders in a New York tax fraud case against the company.

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VIDEO OF THE DAY: Elon Musk viciously booed live on stage at Dave Chappelle show

The billionaire tech bozo had his most humiliating public moment to date when the noted transphobic comedian brought Musk out only for the crowd to boo so loudly that he was unable to get a word in.

Take Action: Tell the Senate to investigate the corruption in the Supreme Court!

Fox hosts humiliate themselves protecting Trump after midterms

No Lie with Brian Tyler Cohen: Beyond pathetic.

House panel asks National Archives to investigate Trump’s shady storage unit
Democratic New York Rep. Carolyn Maloney, chairwoman for the House Oversight Committee, has asked the National Archives in a letter to investigate whether the notoriously dishonest former president still has more White House records stashed in his Florida storage unit. That would mean he has committed a crime, so it seems extremely likely.

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DeSantis seeks grand jury investigation of COVID-19 vaccines
The Florida governor is eager to prove that he’s just as unhinged as Donald Trump and is now calling for an “investigation” into “any wrongdoing” involved in the lifesaving COVID-19 vaccines. True to form, the Republican declined to offer a shred of evidence for a stunt that could get people killed.

Take Action: Tell your Congressmember to co-sponsor the Billionaire Minimum Tax bill!

Biden signs historic same-sex marriage bill at White House

The Respect for Marriage Act has officially become the law of the land, enshrining LGBTQ and interracial marriages, an absolutely necessary precaution given the aggressive manner in which Republicans are trying to roll back the clock to a racist, bigoted past. The House voted last week 258-169 to send the bill to Biden’s desk after the Senate passed it 61-36. A minority of Republicans joined Democrats in both votes.

Take Action: Tell the Senate to investigate the corruption in the Supreme Court!

Feds investigating drug-planting allegations involving NYPD officers
Federal prosecutors are investigating drug-planting allegations involving one current and one former NYPD officer, say lawyers for two men who were previously arrested by those cops. The probe by the FBI and the US attorney for the Eastern District of New York comes more than three years after the NYPD and Staten Island prosecutors cleared the officers despite body camera footage appearing to show one of them placing marijuana in two civilians’ vehicles. These bad apples sure are starting to pile up!

We must protect President Biden

OD Action Partner: The radicals in the Republican House have made it painfully clear they’re going to use their nonsense grievances to impeach President Biden out of sheer spite. Sending Rev. Warnock back to the Senate is critical to protecting our majority and making sure they don’t succeed in their ideological witch-hunt against a stunningly successful president. Can you chip in to help United Rural Democrats mobilize the grassroots and keep the President in office?

Michigan man pleads guilty to hate crimes for death threats targeting Black Lives Matter supporters
The right wing in this country wants to distract us all by ginning up inane culture war issues to constantly obsess over — meanwhile they’re growing more aggressive and overtly violent by the day. Thanks to a hysterical right-wing demonization campaign, Black Lives Matter now engenders such white hot rage in racists that now one of them has thrown his entire life away by threatening to kill BLM supporters.

Fire destroys NYPD storage facility housing decades of DNA evidence
A massive fire broke out at an NYPD evidence warehouse in Brooklyn on Tuesday, injuring eight people and likely destroying reams of criminal evidence, including DNA records, stretching back decades, officials said. Given the often disreputable and frequently downright criminal behavior of the NYPD, this event demands nothing less than a thorough, complete investigation.

Fox’s Kellyanne Conway didn’t disclose RNC paid her while praising its “great job”
Fox News contributor Kellyanne Conway repeatedly went out of her way to praise the efforts of the Republican National Committee around the midterm elections, saying the organization did a “great job” and touting its voter contact program. Neither Fox nor Conway disclosed that the RNC has paid Conway’s firm more than $800,000 since last year.

Breonna Taylor’s boyfriend gets $2 million settlement over shooting
The Justice Department earlier this year charged four Louisville Metro Police Department officers involved with drafting the “no-knock” search warrant that led to the shooting of Taylor while she slept. Now, her bereaved boyfriend has received some recompense — but no amount of money could ever fill the void she left, and we can’t stop fighting for justice until the shootings stop and we can stop spending half the municipal budget on settlement payments to grieving families.


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Today’s Action: Fight voter suppression in Ohio! 

In this lame-duck congressional session before our newly elected legislators step in next year, Republicans across the country will undoubtedly try to sneak in repressive legislation (like voter suppression tactics) in the hopes that Americans will be too tired from midterms to notice. That’s why Ohio Democrats are hosting a virtual phone banking session for calling Republican lawmakers, properly airing grievances, and protecting Ohio from sneaky anti-voter legislation. It’s just the event to get involved with to show the GOP that we’re certainly still paying attention — and we aren’t going down without a fight. 

There are only a few more days left in this current session, but we must remain vigilant in every state. The Republicans don’t take days off from scorching our rights, so we need our offense always at the ready to protect our democracy.

Sign up for one of the remaining training sessions with Ohio Democrats, today or tomorrow from 5:30pm-7:30pm EST. You’ll be briefed on what to say and who to say it to — and once you’ve attended one session, you’ll be able to make calls on your own any time before the session ends. If you can’t make a session but still want to make calls, check the event description for who to contact. Don’t miss out, join the fight today! 


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