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Top Stories for December 20:

Trump gives pathetic response to Jan. 6 criminal referrals

The criminal ex-president responded to the House 1/6 committee officially calling for his prosecution for insurrection by absurdly claiming that it would only “strengthen” him before unloading a deranged stream of consciousness.

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VIDEO OF THE DAY: Jan. 6 committee slams Trump with worst news possible

For some time now it has been painfully clear that the disgraced ex-president broke numerous laws during his failed coup attempt. Now the House 1/6 committee is finally taking steps to hold him accountable.

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Trump caught scamming his OWN supporters
No Lie with Brian Tyler Cohen: Unreal.

Jan. 6 committee reveals that Ivanka Trump was not “forthcoming” during her testimony
The committee said that Trump’s daughter and adviser Ivanka “acknowledged” that she had agreed with then-Attorney General Bill Barr that there wasn’t evidence of election-altering fraud, that Trump pressured Pence over his powers on the morning of Jan. 6, and that the president watched the Capitol violence unfold on television in real time. Yet the panel suggested that she knew more than she was letting on. Such dishonesty clearly demands that she be dragged back in front of Congress and grilled till she spills the truth.

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Chief Justice Roberts pauses lifting of Title 42, keeping migrant policy in place for now
In just the latest incident of the Republican-controlled Supreme Court prioritizing right-wing activism over honoring the Constitution, Chief Justice John Roberts has temporarily blocked the Biden administration from ending the pandemic-era Title 42 immigration policy, leaving in doubt whether officials will continue to expel migrants over concerns about public health risks.

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Gay MAGA Rep.-elect George Santos allegedly lied about his entire past

Calls are quickly growing for a newly elected Republican congressman to be denied his seat in Congress after it was revealed that he likely lied about his education, about working for Citigroup and Goldman Sachs, and about running a successful animal charity that does not appear to exist. He even lied about having his employees killed in the Pulse club massacre. There are no depths to the shamelessness of GOP politicians.

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Lee Harvey Oswald, the CIA, and LSD: New clues in newly declassified documents
While Donald Trump’s criticisms of our nation’s intelligence agencies over the past few years have been nothing but bad faith efforts to save his own neck, that doesn’t mean that we should suddenly grant the clandestine organizations undue benefit of the doubt. Newly released JFK documents in particular indicate that the CIA may have had some sinister interactions with the Kennedy’s assassin — including possibly using him as an LSD test subject — that seem to lend credence to what would have once been considered conspiracy theories.

Elizabeth Warren warns Tesla shareholders may be at risk from Elon Musk
As the man formerly known as the world’s richest person continues to flame out spectacularly as CEO of Twitter, the noted progressive senator is sounding the alarm that he might be taking down more than his incredibly expensive social media toy with him.

Marjorie Taylor Greene declares war on Walmart over dildos
Always on the lookout for a new target to lob inane culture war attacks at, the unhinged QAnon congresswoman has now taken aim at the retail behemoth. Specifically, she is feigning outrage over a Walmart supposedly selling vibrators and lubricant in her congressional district.

Jan. 6 panel refers McCarthy, 3 other Republicans for ethics violations
The panel referred the lawmakers for a review by the bipartisan House Ethics Committee, which is seen as unlikely to take action against the members, a frankly unacceptable outcome given the flagrantly immoral and clearly criminal behavior of the GOP figures involved.

Judge strikes down California gun law modeled on Texas abortion measure
A federal judge has blocked a California gun law that emulated a controversial Texas abortion ban that essentially declared open season on anyone even tangentially connected to an abortion. The injunction from Judge Roger Benitez sets California’s law, which enables private citizens to sue manufacturers of illegal guns, on a potential path to the US Supreme Court. That could set up a test of both laws — an outcome that California Gov. Gavin Newsom has sought.


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Today’s Action: Host or donate to a winter coat drive in your area!

As we move into winter, and subzero temperatures settle in across large swaths of the country, it’s imperative that we remember our neighbors experiencing homelessness and those struggling with housing insecurity. Approximately 700 at-risk or already unhoused people die from hypothermia and winter weather-related incidents in the United States each year, and many will struggle to find shelter from the cold this winter, as anti-homeless “street-sweeping” operations and hostile architectural “deterrent” strategies are both sadly on the rise.

One simple, effective way you can help right now is by organizing a winter coat drive, or supporting an existing coat drive in your area. Something as simple as an old coat that you’ve outgrown or no longer use could be the difference between a neighbor staying warm and getting sick this winter. And with this weekend’s expected “arctic blast” set to threaten much of the United States with life-threatening temperatures, there’s no better time to act.

One Warm Coat can help you find coat drives in your area, as well as the resources to plan and promote your own. Check out their map of coat drives and make plans to donate and promote an event! If there aren’t any coat drives already underway in your community, follow One Warm Coat’s six steps to hosting a successful drive! No matter how you participate, your community will be better — and warmer — for it.


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