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BREAKING: Credit Suisse loses one-quarter of its value sparking fears of new financial crisis

Top Stories for March 15:

Melania’s former best friend pokes hole in Trump’s Stormy Daniels defense

Lawyers for the disgraced ex-president plan to claim that his hush money payment to Stormy Daniels was made to hide the affair from Melania — a legal, sleazeball move — and not to help his presidential campaign — an illegal sleazeball move. Small problem there, says Melania’s former right-hand woman: Melania knew about the affair. This soap opera is terrible.

Take Action: Ban militant white supremacists from serving in our police departments and armed forces!

VIDEO OF THE DAY: Bernie Sanders destroys host on his own show

Reactionary blowhard Bill Maher’s arguments against student loan relief were left in tatters on the studio floor after Bernie was done with them!

Take Action: Tell the Arizona GOP to do their jobs and help Gov. Hobbs expand healthcare access — including abortions!

Tucker Carlson caught committing a fatal mistake

No Lie with Brian Tyler Cohen Red handed.

🚨 Brian Tyler Cohen launched a Spanish YouTube channel! The left has a huge problem reaching Spanish speaking audiences, and our vote share among Spanish speakers is actually declining, so please spread the Democrats’ message by subscribing to his channel (and watch some videos to get them going in the algorithm) by clicking here.

Joe Biden unveils executive orders to crack down on law-breaking gun sellers
Hamstrung by radical GOP death-cultists in Congress, President Biden is doggedly using what powers he has available to him to try to address the epidemic of gun violence that ravages the nation. With an executive order, he has directed Attorney General Garland to move the US as close to universal background checks as possible without additional legislation. But perhaps most significantly, he’s directed his team to create support protocols for the survivors of mass shootings — showing the Democratic touch of human empathy that is eternally absent from the frenzied screeching that passes for Republican policymaking.

Take Action: Protect communities from corporate railroad greed!

Ron DeSantis goes after Miami Hyatt for its “Drag Queen Christmas”
Florida’s mini-dictator Ron DeSantis is moving to strip the popular hotel of its liquor license because they dared to host a truly harmless “Drag Queen Christmas,” proving once again that Republicans care more about pushing bigotry than upholding their precious “free market.”

Take Action: Tell the Senate to stop corporate buybacks!

atAdvocacy managing editor releases outstanding music video

No, seriously, the guy who catches our typos and makes us sound smart is a literal rock star. Check it out!

Take Action: Tell Congress: Pass the DREAM Act of 2023!

Police shot “Stop Cop City” activist 14 times with their hands up, independent autopsy shows
Police said the killing of Manuel Esteban Paez Teran, known as Tortuguita, was in self-defense and accused the activist of firing at them first — but an independent autopsy paints the horrifying picture of a peaceful activist riddled with bullets as they surrendered. Somehow, even though it was a planned police operation, no body cameras were on to record the truth, and police won’t release any information or analysis justifying their version of events…which probably means they don’t have any.

Help us hold the railway company accountable for the toxic spill in Ohio

atAdvocacy Partner: Decades of infrastructure neglect, job cuts, and stock buybacks by Norfolk Southern led to the horrifying toxic chemical spill in East Palestine, Ohio, and once again it’s rural Americans who will be left to suffer the consequences. Can you chip in to help us fight for justice and make sure the railway barons don’t get away with it?

US proposes first federal limits on dangerous “forever chemicals” in drinking water
This is only happening in the year 2023 is another one for the book of “Why The Hell Did America Let Corporations Poison Them For So Long?” but thankfully the Biden administration has now proposed the first-ever national standard for drinking water to protect Americans from dangerous “forever chemicals” that are known to cause severe health problems, including cancer.

Regulators greenlit SVB’s risky investments
Stop us if you’ve heard this story before — but the Silicon Valley Bank carved out special exemption for itself from rules designed to prevent banks from engaging in reckless investments and financial speculation, which it…then did, leading to the second largest bank collapse in US history. We have got to stop letting lobbyists write regulations and start letting Elizabeth Warren write them.

Saudi Arabian trans woman feared dead after posting suicide note saying family had forced her to detransition
A young transgender woman from Saudi Arabia is feared dead after she posted a suicide note accusing her family of forcing her to detransition. Eden Knight, 23, who had been living in the US until late last year, said in a Twitter post on Monday morning that she had killed herself after being pressured into returning to Saudi Arabia and then denied access to her hormone medication. This heartbreaking story is a tragic reminder that the culture war is not some abstract thing — it affects real people and as bigotry towards the transgender community increases it falls to all good people of conscience to stand up with them against hatred.

Embattled Rep. George Santos files 2024 candidacy papers with FEC
Despite the growing ire from his constituents and really all of humanity, the world’s most accomplished Herbalife salesman-turned-lacrosse-champion has decided to not only stay in office but seek re-election. And why not? He’s made his way into the only party and job where being a serial liar is rewarded.


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Today’s Action: Tell the Atlanta City Council to stop the development of Cop City! 

A massive police training center set to be built in Atlanta is threatening 381 acres of publicly owned forest. Brave environmental protesters have been setting up camp with tents in the trees for months, risking arrest and prosecution in defense of green space and common sense. One protester, 26-year-old Tortuguita, was already shot 13 times by police on Jan. 18, in what other activists are calling a state-sanctioned murder. There is zero reason that a privately owned, corporate-funded tactical police training ground is important enough to bulldoze publicly owned forest land… let alone kill people over. Oh, did we mention the price of the project? Nearly $90 million. 

With widespread calls for decreased police funding and increased climate action, the proposal to raze forest land for such a facility is grossly out of touch. There are plenty of initiatives that officials in Atlanta could be working on for the betterment of their residents — but instead, constituents’ voices have been ignored in favor of even more deference to law enforcement. Ongoing protests from residents in the area have made it clear that this is NOT what the community wants. One recent survey showed 98% of residents OPPOSE the building of Cop City. How long will it take until Atlanta council members wake up and listen to the actual people they were elected to serve?

Call the Atlanta City Council office at 404-330-6030 or email an Atlanta City Council member and demand they revoke the Cop City permit! 

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