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Ian live updates: South Carolina grapples with storm damage as Florida searches for survivors

Top Stories for October 1:

Trump posts that McConnell has “death wish” in racist incitement to violence against the Republican leader and his wife

Less than two years after Trump’s thinly veiled calls for violence against another one-time ally led a mob on a violent crusade to “hang Mike Pence,” the disgraced ex-president is not so subtly inciting his cult against McConnell.

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VIDEO OF THE DAY: Lindsey Graham accidentally humiliates himself with dumbest comment possible

The South Carolina senator continues to dig the Republican Party into a deeper and deeper hole. You love to see it.

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Doctors. Teachers. Women. LGBT+ kids. The GOP is waging culture war against all of them, and we can’t let them win

Swing State Victory Project: Republican politicians and their propagandists at FOX are unleashing a tidal wave of cruelty on an unwilling American public, targeting some of the most important members of our society and putting them in very real danger. Will you chip in to help Swing State Victory Project elect Democrats who will put a stop to the madness?

Biden slams “sham” Russian annexation of Ukrainian lands
“The United States is never going to recognize this; and, frankly, the world won’t recognize it either,” the president promised.

Republicans claim that “Deep State” used “weather manipulation technology” to punish DeSantis
Ironically, the real “weather manipulation” is climate change caused by the fossil fuel companies that Republicans fanatically defend.

700,000 borrowers no longer qualify for student loan relief
As the Biden administration fights legal challenges from groups working to keep former students poor, they are working on a solution for all middle- and low-income borrowers.

Government shutdown averted after House, Senate pass funding bill

Just hours before the midnight deadline, 201 self-identified “fiscally responsible Republicans” voted for the US to default on its debt.

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Top prosecutor offers bad news for Trump

No Lie with Brian Tyler Cohen: Whoa.

Trump to be deposed next month in E. Jean Carroll defamation suit
The disgraced ex-president will have to go under oath about the time he allegedly and almost certainly raped the respected author in the 1990’s.

Federal judge rules against Stacey Abrams group in voting rights lawsuit
Georgia will be allowed to maintain its discriminatory election laws.

Cops weren’t wearing body cams when they shot and killed 15-year-old kidnapping victim
The police are trying to claim that the teenage girl was shooting at them and they fired back — but they conveniently lack the video evidence to back it up.

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