Demand Merrick Garland punish Trump and his fans for threatening Jan. 6 witnesses!


At least 25 dead as tornadoes batter the South and Midwest

Top Stories for April 2:

VIDEO OF THE DAY: Trump pulls dangerous last-ditch stunt against Manhattan District Attorney

The disgraced ex-president is now targeting the wife of DA Alvin Bragg in a dangerous reminder that he is just the absolute worst trash human there is.

Take Action: Disqualify Trump from holding public office!

Former Republican operative found guilty on all charges of sex trafficking underage girls
Anton Lazzaro had donated nearly $200,000 to Minnesota Republicans before being convicted on five counts of trafficking underage girls. Family values!

Take Action: Investigate Matt Gaetz for sex trafficking and statutory rape!

Trump-era deregulations are endangering our communities

atAdvocacy Partner: Train derailments, banking failures… It’s easy to see who’s to blame. MAGA-Republican policies are wreaking havoc in America and Democrats, as always, have to clean up their mess. Watch now!

Intensity and insults rise as lawmakers debate debt ceiling
In case you forgot, with everything else going on, a group of Republicans in the House are still holding the economy hostage over a nebulous list of demands that would cause economic devastation on their own. Just spitballing, but maybe we stop electing hostage takers?

Remote trains carrying hazmat fall outside Congress’ push for rail regulation
Corrosive liquid and poisonous gas are among the hazardous materials these short-distance trains carry, without a conductor onboard, and as yet, no one is trying to change that.

Take Action: Restore the protections that Trump got rid of!

Arizona Governor Katie Hobbs will go to court to stop executions
For centuries, America has disproportionately used capital punishment against people from marginalized communities and often executed the innocent. Arizona’s Democratic governor is going the extra mile to end the barbaric practice.

911 call reveals some staff members at Nashville school were armed
Another Republican talking point on guns disproved in blood. Let’s stop looking for things to stop bad guys with guns and instead, elect leaders who will stop giving guns to bad guys.

Trump’s last-ditch effort to avoid prosecution BLOWS UP in his face

No Lie with Brian Tyler Cohen: This did not turn out well for Trump…

After Nashville, Congress confronts limits of new gun law
Lives have already been saved by the landmark gun law enacted last year, but it was never expected to be enough. Every day we wait to pass more meaningful reform, people die unnecessarily because of the cowardice and sycophancy of today’s Republican Party.

Take Action: Ban assault weapons!

Trumpy Drumpfy had a great fall…

What in the world?



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