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Top Stories for March 26:

Trump takes aim at DeSantis, vows to “destroy the deep state”

With his first arrest looming, the disgraced ex-president vowed to destroy his imaginary persecutors in the “deep state” during a campaign pep rally Saturday and took several pot shots at Florida Gov. and autocrat-in-training Ron DeSantis. He knocked his fellow Floridian and one-time ally as political hack with zero personality. Even a broken clock, amirite?

Take Action: Expel the congressmen who tried to get Trump pardons for their role in Jan. 6th!

VIDEO OF THE DAY: Jack Smith scores huge win over Trump in court

Another former Trump official gets owned by the special prosecutors as the walls close in on the soon-to-be indicted ConMander-in-Thief. (What do we think about that one? Just thought of it. Too much? DM us.)

A real progressive champion is running for Congress!

Lateefah Simon: Lateefah Simon is running for an open seat in Northern California, and we could not be more excited! She has been a hugely effective community leader on public transit, affordable housing, and working people. Please consider making a contribution to her campaign.

Biden declares major disaster in Mississippi as forecasters warn of more tornadoes after 26 were killed
The National Weather Service warned that severe thunderstorms will bring “the possibility of a couple of strong tornadoes” across the central gulf states on Sunday.

Take Action: Tell Congress to defend Medicaid and CHIP!

MAGA Rep. Andy Biggs gets embarrassing on-air fact check about January 6
The bigoted Trump gas bag forgot that outside of the Fox propaganda machine, lying about basic facts can make you look like a liar and idiot.

Idaho governor signs firing squad execution bill into law
Yes. You read that right. Republican Gov. Brad Little signed a bill authorizing execution by firing squad, making Idaho the latest state to turn to older, even more heinous methods of capital punishment amid a nationwide shortage of lethal-injection drugs.

Take Action: Tell Biden and state governors to abolish the death penalty!

Ted Nugent calls Ukrainian President Zelenskyy a “homosexual weirdo” in Trump pep rally tirade
The disgraced ex-president held one of his signature pep rallies in Waco, Texas, on Saturday, and for some reason, Ted Nugent showed up with his dumb guitar and even dumber ideas, ranting about abortion, military aid, the war in Ukraine, and “jack-booted thugs” in Washington, DC wrongfully imprisoning Jan. 6 insurrectionists.

Republicans make fatal mistake amid impending Trump indictment

No Lie with Brian Tyler Cohen: What a dumb move…

🚨 Brian Tyler Cohen launched a Spanish YouTube channel! The left has a huge problem reaching Spanish speaking audiences, and our vote share among Spanish speakers is actually declining, so please spread the Democrats’ message by subscribing to his channel (and watch some videos to get them going in the algorithm) by clicking here.

For-profit prison operator GEO sickened ICE detainees with hazardous chemicals for months, a lawsuit says
In news as appalling as it is unsurprising, a for-profit prison operating business — yes, that’s literally a thing — has been accused of improperly using toxic cleaning chemicals for years, exposing detainees at numerous facilities to months-long, near-constant exposure resulting in persistent cough, throat and nasal irritation, skin irritation, rashes, and headaches, among other symptoms. We can and must do better.

Take Action: Restore the banking rules that Trump got rid of!

“Cancer Alley” residents’ zoning lawsuit cites “racial cleansing”
Making a compelling case that their local government was built on a culture of white supremacy, Black residents of St. James Parish in the heart of Louisiana’s “cancer alley” have filed a federal lawsuit claiming land-use and zoning policies illegally concentrated more than a dozen polluting industrial plants where they live.

Trump claims Manhattan DA has “dropped” Stormy Daniels hush money indictment
The disgraced ex-president told reporters aboard his plane on Saturday — without evidence — that Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg had already dropped the case against him in the infamous porn star hush money probe. Yeah, we’ll just sit tight and wait to hear from DA Bragg next week, thanks.

As southern states bans abortion, thousands turn to Illinois clinics
Republicans’ relentless assault on reproductive rights, coupled with the Supreme Court’s disastrous overturning of Roe v. Wade last year, has upended and endangered the lives of tens of thousands of Americans. Hundreds of women now travel each week to the southern tip of Illinois to secure an abortion, something that is no longer available to millions living in a 1,800 mile stretch of 11 Southern states that have banned or severely restricted pregnancy terminations over the past year.

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