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Top Stories for March 10:

VIDEO OF THE DAY: Boebert humiliates herself in her own hearing

The gun-nut congresswoman put her ignorance on full display once again and even managed to embarrass Donald Trump in the process this time.

Take Action: Hold the greedy railway company accountable for the toxic spill in Ohio!

Manhattan prosecutors signal to Trump that indictment is coming
The Manhattan district attorney has presented Trump with an offer to go before the grand jury currently hearing evidence about his role in a hush-money arrangement with porn star Stormy Daniels. Such offers almost always signify an impending indictment.

Take Action: Tell Congress to give free lunches for EVERY student!

The next presidential election could be at stake

Wisconsin Democrats:  With the balance of the state’s Supreme Court on the line, progressive champion Judge Janet Protasiewicz and radical MAGA extremist Dan Kelly have emerged as the nominees for the vacated all-important swing seat. This April 4th election is an absolute MUST-WIN for everything we hold dear — abortion rights, LGBTQ rights, the right to vote, and potentially even a free and fair election for the next President of the United States. Can you chip in to make sure Janet has the resources she needs to win and flip the Supreme Court of the most important swing state to a progressive majority?

Internal text reveals Tucker Carlson reads the work of infamous Holocaust denier writing for vile, white nationalist outlet
The embarrassment of riches from the Dominion lawsuit against Fox News continues to flow. Following Trump’s loss in 2020, Fascism Tonight! host Tucker Carlson shared the work of David Cole, a Holocaust denier who writes for a vile, white nationalist outlet that carries headlines like “The Trouble with Blacks” and “Our De Facto Antiwhite Apartheid,” with an unnamed contact. But don’t you dare call Tuck Tuck a racist!

Take Action: Tell Congress: Pass the DREAM Act of 2023!

Ex-GOP Ohio speaker, lobbyist guilty in $60 million bribery scheme
The moment one Republican corruption scandal starts to fade from public consciousness a new one seems to burst onto the scene. The cycle makes sense when you consider today’s GOP is essentially a legal crime syndicate, albeit a woefully inept one. Case in point — former GOP Ohio House Speaker Larry Householder and former state Republican Party Chair Matt Borges have been convicted in a $60 million bribery scheme that federal prosecutors have called the largest corruption case in state history. Oops.

Take Action: Tell Amazon to negotiate with the labor union!

Former roommate says George Santos led ATM fraud scheme

A Brazilian man who pleaded guilty to fraud in a 2017 ATM skimming scheme has alleged that the head honcho of the Seattle-based operation was world thumb-wrestling champion and 7-Michelin-star chef George Santos. At this point it would be quicker to list the crimes Santos hasn’t committed than to reel off the ever-growing litany of ones he has.

Take Action: Demand the Senate Judiciary Committee hold hearings on the unaccountable Supreme Court!

Republicans kill child marriage ban bill in West Virginia
Family values Republicans defeated a bill that would have banned child marriage in West Virginia, because, well, you just cannot make this stuff up. The vote came shortly after the bill’s main sponsor, Democratic Del. Kayla Young, testified that there have been MORE THAN 3,600 MARRIAGES in the state involving one or more CHILDREN since 2000. Opponents of the bill argued out loud in public with actual words coming out of their face holes that teenage marriages are simply a part of life in West Virginia. State Republican Sen. and professional mouth breather Mike Stuart said his vote to kill the bill “wasn’t a vote against women” and went on to explain that his mother was married when she was 16 and pregnant with him, making him “the luckiest guy in the world.” Well, then. Case closed!

Biden finally shuts down Marjorie Taylor Greene

No Lie with Brian Tyler Cohen About time.

Mexico cartel turns in own men over US kidnappings
A splinter group of the Gulf Cartel, called the Scorpions Group, issued an apology for kidnapping four US citizens — and killing two of them — last week, and has turned over five men it alleges are responsible. The news comes as a deranged, increasingly vocal faction of the GOP is calling for a literal invasion of Mexico to attack the cartels — a truly bonkers idea that would cause mass suffering and civilian bloodshed while failing to solve the fundamental underlying cartel problem: the empowerment of brutal criminal organizations due to the perpetuation of the inarguably failed and supremely wasteful “War on Drugs.”

Proud Boys deployed foot soldiers in sedition plot
While Republicans and Fox News are working hard to rewrite history to whitewash Donald Trump’s failed insurrection, federal prosecutors are keeping their eyes on the prize. As they wrap up their seditious conspiracy case, they’re arguing that Proud Boys chief Enrique Tarrio and other leaders of the group handpicked and mobilized a loyal group of foot soldiers — or “tools” — to supply the force necessary to carry out their plot to stop the transfer of power from Trump to Joe Biden after the 2020 election.

Pentagon accused of blocking effort to hand Russia war crimes evidence to ICC
Despite all the righteous condemnation of Vladimir Putin for the heinous war crimes committed in Ukraine by his Russian army, the US military is being accused of withholding information about those war crimes from the International Criminal Court just in case it sets a precedent where *our* soldiers might be held responsible for war crimes that they commit. It’s disappointing and hypocritical and an affront to the justice this nation is supposed to stand for, but hey, that’s the Pentagon for ya — whose official policy is to LITERALLY INVADE THE HAGUE if the ICC ever detains and charges an American troop. Seriously. Look it up.

Shell CEO pay up 50% as soaring energy prices boosted profit
Good thing these oil companies aren’t literally poisoning the planet and endangering the lives of every person on it. We should definitely make sure they keep getting bigger and bigger paychecks!


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Today’s Action: Celebrate Abortion Provider Appreciation Day!

Since SCOTUS’ devastating overturning of Roe v. Wade last summer, abortion has been center stage in America. There are only 20 states where abortion is completely accessible, while 12 states have banned it entirely. Access in the remaining 18 states is dwindling quickly, with abortion providers and progressives fighting tooth and nail to protect the fundamental right to reproductive healthcare. Abortion providers are on the frontline, sometimes risking their lives to deliver critical care, often to our most vulnerable communities.

America’s abortion care providers are indispensable and save countless lives only to be met with Republican vitriol. Without them, post-Roe America would look a lot different. Today is Abortion Provider Appreciation Day, and we hope you’ll join us in saying THANK YOU for the work they’ve done and continue to do to protect our reproductive rights.

Some of the ways you can give back this weekend include (but are certainly not limited to) donating to independent abortion clinics, hosting a fundraiser, recording a video explaining why you celebrate care providers, sending crucial wish list items collected by Abortion Access Front, or using their social media toolkit to post your support. There are so many ways to help — Planned Parenthood has three whole pages of actions to choose from! No matter how you choose to acknowledge and celebrate our care providers, please take a moment today to do so!

A massive THANK YOU to abortion providers across the country who continue to fight for what’s right no matter the risk. You are the best of us!

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