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Top Stories for November 2:

Democratic candidate attacked outside his house less than a week after Paul Pelosi attack

On the heels of the disturbing attack on Paul Pelosi, Democratic Pennsylvania house candidate Richard Ringer says he was attacked outside his house and beat unconscious by an unknown perpetrator in yet another vile display of what is believed to be politically-motivated violence.

Take Action: Ban Don Jr. from social media for pushing conspiracies!

VIDEO OF THE DAY: Tim Ryan wins over Fox crowd at town hall, gets huge ovation

The Democratic Congressman demonstrated exactly how popular liberal policies are, blasting a much needed wake up call to the right-wing viewers at home as he positions himself for an upset win on Election Day.

Take Action: Take a moment to confirm your voter registration details and polling location before Election Day — just seven days away!

Michigan Democrats on verge of STUNNING development

No Lie with Brian Tyler Cohen: Whoa.

Prominent Fortune 500 companies caught funding election-denying Republicans
A stunning new report reveals that Fortune 500 companies have donated over $13 million to election-denying Republican fascists since Jan. 6th — including Home Depot, Boeing, AT&T, UPS, and Lockheed Martin. But guess what’s not stunning. Corporations prioritizing their own swollen profits over the preservation of American democracy. Annoying though…

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Trump joins conspiracists stoking doubts about Pelosi attack
The despicable former president is never shy about scraping the bottom of the barrel, and now he’s boosting unfounded, disgusting conspiracies about the Paul Pelosi attack — because of course he is.

Take Action: Call on President Biden to commit to phasing out fossil fuels!

Pennsylvania by the sea: Dr. Oz idiotically implies state has Atlantic coastline

He must have been thinking of his home state of New Jersey. On the other hand, if Republican climate policies prevail, PA may be have an ocean view in his lifetime.

Take Action: Demand Congress lower drug prices now!

American woman who led an ISIS military battalion sentenced to 20 years in prison
An American woman who led an all-female Islamic State battalion was sentenced to 20 years in prison Tuesday after she admitted to training dozens of women and girls in Syria for the militant group known as ISIS, federal authorities said.

The challenges we face are great and the need to solve them urgent — but together, we can build a better future for our environment and our children

Environmental Defense Fund: EDF is working nonstop to fight climate change, protect our vulnerable wildlife and keep our communities safe from toxic pollution. Can you chip in to support their efforts?

Twitter reportedly limits employee access to content-moderation tools as midterm election nears
Now, what possible reason could a right-wing billionaire have for emboldening hate speech and MAGA misinformation ahead of the midterms?

Supreme Court temporarily blocks Congress from getting Trump income tax returns
Conservative Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts temporarily blocked the House Ways and Means Committee from obtaining years of shady federal income tax returns from the crooked former president and his criminal empire — and still Trump has failed to produce a single good reason for why he’s shielding them.

Pennsylvania Supreme Court rules incorrectly dated or undated ballots must be set aside in major blow to democracy
Republicans are celebrating now that an untold number of ballots won’t be counted this election. If even one voter is disenfranchised, it’ll be worth it for the GOP.

So-called “MAGA Hot Babe” with 26K followers is revealed to be a China operative
It appears that a prominent right-wing social media account, “MAGA BELLA Hot Babe,” was nothing but a Chinese catfish operation that over 26,000 Trumpers fell for. Allow us a quick LOL and a LMAO.


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Today’s Action: Find out how you can help progressive candidates in battleground states this midterm!

Six days. The 2022 midterm election is less than a week away. There’s not a second to spare to do absolutely everything we can to hold onto Congress and continue advancing our progressive 21st-century agenda. There are so many ways to get involved, and so much at stake — it’s easy to feel a little overwhelmed. Indivisible has an electoral series that gives an overview of what midterm elections are looking like and how you can help, which can hopefully alleviate any political anxiety and leave you feeling fired up to do good work.

Ask yourself: what are you fighting for this November? Combating white supremacy and xenophobia? Ending voter suppression? Ensuring equitable access to healthcare and protecting coverage for pre-existing conditions? Sane climate change policy? Humane immigration procedures? Women’s rights and abortion access? Ending corporate-centered politics?

All of these issues and so much more are at stake. We have the voters…but we need all their votes. You don’t have to put in major volunteer hours to help get out the vote, but every little bit helps — and this fight starts at home and in your community.

Make plans to tune into Indivisible’s midterm informational session TOMORROW from 2:30-3:30 PM PDT, it might be one of your last chances to get involved before election day!


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