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Top Stories for December 31:

Tax returns show Trump stashed money in foreign accounts while president

Congress has finally made Trump’s tax returns public, and they are a doozie! Fraud, stashing money in offshore accounts, lazy and obvious cheating schemes, and just a terrible, terrible businessman — In other words, a perfect portrait of the disgraced failure, Donald Trump. Happy New Year!

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VIDEO OF THE DAY: Jared Kushner suddenly in legal jeopardy after new COVID-19 revelations

Former federal prosecutor Glenn Kirschner joins Brian Tyler Cohen to discuss the legal hot water Jared Kushner and Donald Trump find themselves in after new evidence of their reckless COVID mismanagement emerges.

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Jamie Raskin issues bad news for Trump

No Lie with Brian Tyler Cohen: About time.

Alleged sex trafficker Andrew Tate ordered to spend New Year’s Eve in jail
The Greta troll and self-proclaimed “misogynist influencer” will spend at least 30 days behind bars, continuing his small dick energy but making it less likely that he will get a life than get life without the possibility of parole.

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Watergate lawyer John Dean declares insurrection case against Trump “overwhelming”
The veteran of the Nixon trials said Friday, “I think an overwhelming case — proof beyond a reasonable doubt — is out there against Trump,” and, “it’s really going to be a question of do we prosecute a former president, not whether we can.”

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Ginni Thomas told 1/6 committee she regrets her role in insurrection

Gee what to do with someone who admits trying to overthrow our democratically elected government but is like super sorry about it. Here’s one idea. LOCK. HER. UP.

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Legendary journalist and news broadcaster Barbara Walters dies at 93
Barbara Walters was a trailblazer on American TV news best known for work on iconic shows like the Today Show, 20/20, and the ABC Evening News. Walters was also the creator and an original co-host of The View.

Suspect arrested in brutal Idaho college student murders
28-year-old Bryan Christopher Kohberger was apprehended 2,000 miles away in Pennsylvania Friday. Investigators believe the Washington State University Ph.D. candidate broke into the students’ home “with the intent to commit murder.”

Lawsuit accuses Massachusetts cops of sexually abusing teen for a decade before her death
In the latest instance of truly vile abuse of police power, the family of Sandra Birchmore are accusing the officers of grooming her for sexual relationships from her early teen years that “ultimately overwhelmed her will to live.” Birchmore was found dead in her apartment in early 2021, 3 months pregnant by one of the cops — allegedly.

Judge rules against infamous Missouri couple who waved guns at BLM activists
A judge ruled that the McCloskeys, who famously waved deadly weapons at peaceful protestors, were not entitled to have their guns returned or fines reimbursed after Missouri’s Republican governor pardoned them. The judge did not explicitly say it’s because they are pathetic, hateful monsters emblematic of everything that’s wrong with America, but we’d like to think it was at least a factor.

DOJ sues big pharma distributor for failing to report suspicious opioid orders
Good. America’s pharmaceutical companies acted and continue to act as legal cartels, willfully fueling an opioid crisis that has claimed more than 300,000 lives.


Capitalism for dummies… er… Republicans

Year in Review: Biden’s bigly wins



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