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Top Stories for January 14:

Judge unseals section of Trump deposition in rape-defamation lawsuit by writer E. Jean Carroll

In a ruling that’s become increasingly common for the disgraced ex-president, a federal judge called his efforts to keep 1990’s depositions sealed “entirely baseless,” moving us closer to another judicial phrase that should become common for Trump: guilty.

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VIDEO OF THE DAY: Republican attacks against Biden over classified documents backfire horribly

In their haste to change the game to whataboutism, Republicans accidentally reminded us that what Trump did is much much much much worse. Oops.

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The real Speaker of the House: Matt Gaetz

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Republican official’s wife charged with 52 counts of voter fraud
After years of unfounded allegations and accusations with no evidence, Republicans have finally found their voter fraud. Congratulations, GOP! It didn’t affect the outcome of a race, but it was a brazen crime and, turns out, all they had to do was look in the mirror.

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House Republicans launch investigation into DOJ’s probe of Biden’s classified records
Jim Jordan of Benghazi witch hunt infamy has set his sights on a new way to waste the time and tax dollars of the American people: investigating Joe Biden for mishandling classified documents even though the president and his lawyers are already fully cooperating. Of Donald Trump’s countless egregious crimes and abuses, Jordan will simply look away, something the notorious child rape enabler has proven quite adept at.

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Tucker Carlson and Alex Jones text each other conspiracy theories

Tucker is desperate for you to believe that his perch at Fox News elevates him from the cesspool of grifting white supremacist trolls on the pro-fascism right, but his grotesque brainstorming sessions with convicted scumbag abuser of grieving parents prove unequivocally that the TV alarmist is truly the lowest of the low.

Biden administration planning for debt ceiling showdown with Republican economic saboteurs
The Biden team is taking the initiative and has begun recruitment efforts of moderate Republicans in response to promises from the feral “Freedom Caucus” to tank the economy and ruin the nation’s credit rating in order to force sadistic cuts to Social Security and Medicare.

Kevin McCarthy’s Speaker gamble backfires spectacularly

No Lie with Brian Tyler Cohen: Wow.

Indiana lab worker fired for sending creepy threats to Democratic Rep. Eric Swalwell
A man was fired from a diagnostics lab for sending a deranged message to Rep. Eric Swalwell saying “I HOPE YOU FAMILY IS RAPED AND MURDERED.” If this is what the GOP calls cancel culture, sign us up.

Right’s new fight: Gas stoves

The American right-wing has found a new imaginary issue to latch onto and drive themselves into a hysterical frenzy over — new gas stoves, which the US Consumer Product Safety is considering banning after it was discovered that the appliances may be responsible for up to 13% of childhood asthma cases. Their obsession over children’s well-being was immediately discarded as the MAGA propaganda machine began howling that the Biden administration was about to kick in the door to tear out your stove while your family weeps at the injustice. Cries of “COME AND TAKE IT” rang out on GOP social media accounts, including videos of Republicans like Matt Gaetz filling their kitchens with carbon monoxide as they burned gas for cheap clout and empty political points. Could things get any stupider? Survey says…probably, yeah. To be clear: no one is talking about taking anyone’s stove, and yes, children are getting sick and dying.

Tucker obsessing over M&Ms again
We know, we hate asking you to think about Tucker Carlson twice on a Saturday morning, but this is so f’ing funny. This party is so devoid of substance, their riling up their base by suggesting that peanut M&Ms look “plus-size, obese” and “apparently is now a lesbian maybe.” Enjoy.


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