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Top Stories for April 12:

Trump absurdly claims that “crying” courthouse workers said “I’m sorry” during his arraignment

During an interview with Fox News fascist Tucker Carlson, the newly indicted ex-president painted a truly preposterous portrait of his historic arraignment. To hear him tell it, the courthouse workers were sobbing and gnashing their teeth because he is just oh so innocent and they couldn’t stand seeing him railroaded by the deep state. Got it.

Take Action: Ban militant white supremacists from serving in our police departments and armed forces!

VIDEO OF THE DAY: Jim Jordan slammed with a surprise legal bombshell

The MAGA hatchet man has been doing everything in his power to disrupt Donald Trump’s indictment and now DA Alvin Bragg has hit back hard with a stinging lawsuit. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

Take Action: Tell Congress to vote NO on the bill to curb our online freedoms!

Republicans are salivating at the thought of stealing a battleground Senate seat

Bob Casey for Senate: Stung from their humiliating defeat in 2022, McConnell and his cronies have now set their sight on defeating Bob Casey and flipping the Senate back to red. Can you chip in to help re-elect Sen. Casey and protect our critical Senate majority?

Sheriff pinned female inmate to wall, said he’d let man rape her
A former Mississippi county sheriff indicted on federal bribery charges last year lorded over a rural jail with impunity for nearly two decades, with accusations that he physically abused inmates and repeatedly ignored instances of sexual abuse. Four people gave sworn statements against Terry Grassaree, accusing him of violence as part of a 2005 lawsuit that petered out in a settlement. A 19-year-old woman said Grassaree hit her and threw her against a wall, then “spread [her] legs apart” and told her that he ought to let a male inmate rape her. In total, eight men — including four deputies and Grassaree himself — were accused of sexual abuse by female inmates during Grassaree’s tenure.

Take Action: Tell Congress to expand food stamps for hungry Americans!

Newly reinstated Tennessee lawmaker Justin Jones says he’ll continue to call for gun reform
Undaunted by racist Republicans expelling him from the State House for protesting for sensible gun reform, the rising Democratic star vowed to continue fighting to end firearm-fueled bloodshed now that he’s been rightfully restored to office by the Nashville City Council. This kind of unwavering courage in the face of ascendant GOP fascism is exactly the kind of leadership the Democratic Party will need going forward to advance our progressive — and common-sense — agenda.

Take Action: Tell the Biden team to use ALL emergency powers to protect the abortion pill!

Paid pundits defend Clarence Thomas and his Nazi memorabilia-collecting billionaire benefactor

Within hours of the release of a bombshell report exposing Clarence Thomas as an utterly corrupt, bribe-stuffed crook living it up on Republican megadonor Harlan Crow’s dollar for decades, a slew of prominent conservative figures came crawling out of the woodwork to defend the slimy billionaire benefactor in question. Not surprisingly, it turns out that just about every single one of them is also deeply financially entangled with Crow. The GOP is not so much a political party as it is an army of radical right, bought-and-paid-for grifters.

Take Action: Pass the Supreme Court Ethics Act!

Another Louisiana House lawmaker abandons Democrats, joins Republican Party
Democrats in the Louisiana House have lost another member, the second party switch in less than a month. State Rep. Jeremy LaCombe, who was elected in 2019, has stabbed Democratic voters in the back by switching his party affiliation to Republican. LaCombe refused to offer any kind of explanation but the reason is clear: he is utterly devoid of principles and has decided that his career will be better served by joining the increasingly authoritarian and theocratic GOP. Parasitic doesn’t even begin to describe this kind of behavior.

Republican stunt finally BACKFIRES on them

No Lie with Brian Tyler Cohen: It’s about time.

Philly Sheriff tried to double her salary with money meant for hiring new staff
Sheriff Rochelle Bilal finds herself at the heart of a major scandal after it was revealed that she recently funneled hundreds of thousands of dollars meant to fill vacant deputy jobs to her executive staff and tried to bump her own salary by a whopping 109% to $285,000, which would have made her the highest-paid elected official in the city. Protect and serve!

Health misinformation is lowering US life expectancy, FDA commissioner says
Brace yourselves, folks. Radicalizing an entire swath of the population to believe that vaccines are dangerous and that drinking urine is a viable substitute for medicine is having, um, negative effects on public health. According to the FDA, American life expectancies are now between three and five years lower than the average in other high-income countries. Rural areas seem to be particularly affected, in large part due to rampant, right-wing misinformation people in those areas often consume. Put another way, Fox News is literally killing people.

Assault rifle used in Louisville bank massacre will be auctioned off for reuse
Louisville Mayor Craig Greenberg is slamming a state law that mandates that guns seized by local police must be handed over to state police and then auctioned off. This grim bit of the legal code means the assault rifle used by a deranged gunman to murder five people on Monday will soon return to the streets where it could easily be used to kill again. Apparently, this country loves guns so damn much that even murder weapons have rights.

“Don’t Say Period”: Florida Republicans now want to ban students from discussing menstruation
Right-wing lunatics in the Republican-dominated Florida legislature have put forward a truly appalling bill banning any form of health education until sixth grade that would conveniently prohibit students from asking questions about menstruation, including about their own first periods, which — for those who somehow don’t already know — frequently 👏 occur 👏 before 👏 the 👏 sixth 👏 grade. If passed by Florida’s Senate and signed into law by Republican Gov. and Dark Ages enthusiast Ron DeSantis, the dystopian ban will go into effect on July 1.


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Today’s Action: Tell President Biden to declare a climate emergency!

The past few years have produced severe, record-breaking weather events that are only getting worse. If our legislators continue to ignore and evade critical environmental issues, these severe weather patterns only promise to become the norm. Flash flooding, droughts, wildfires, failing infrastructure, pandemics — all symptoms of a sick planet.  Even worse, last March the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) released a final warning to corporations and the government: we must stop using fossil fuels or we’ll reach the point of no return by the early 2030s.

This issue goes beyond party lines. Our legislators must come together to ensure the United States is doing everything in its power to reverse the damage done to our planet by decades of rampant, natural resource exploitation.

To be clear, it is not the wealthy that will suffer most from these devastations — that burden will largely be shouldered by working-class families and marginalized communities. When life becomes untenable for the majority of the population, the ultra-rich will retreat to luxury bunkers that have been in the works for years.

Tell President Biden to declare a climate emergency NOW and urgently transition the country to renewable energy!

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