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Top Stories for May 4:

Trump won’t mount defense in rape case as third accuser testifies against him

The disgraced ex-president is mounting a curious defense in E. Jean Carroll’s defamation and battery case against her accused rapist. And by curious defense we mean no defense at all. [RETWEET THAT!]

Take Action: Charge Trump with contempt of Congress!

VIDEO OF THE DAY: Taylor Swift clip trashing Republicans surges into spotlight

A behind-the-scenes video of the pop star discussing her critical decision to denounce Trump before the 2020 election is taking the world by storm, and we have no choice but to stan.

Take Action: Tell Congress to vote NO on the bill to curb our online freedoms!

WHOA: MORE Fox hosts on the chopping block after Tucker’s firing

No Lie with Brian Tyler Cohen: Did not expect this…

Gunman in custody after shooting 5 women at Atlanta medical center
One woman is dead and four more are injured after being shot by ex-Coast Guardsman Deion Patterson in the latest American mass shooting. We can barely go a few hours without a massacre at this point.

Take Action: Demand NO guns on college campuses!

Missouri officials argue fetus should be considered an employee in wrongful death suit
Peak GOP dystopia is on full display in The Show Me State, folks! Department of Transportation defense lawyers are arguing that Kaitlyn Anderson’s unborn fetus was also technically an EMPLOYEE of the state when Anderson was struck and killed by a vehicle while working on a St. Louis highway and therefore also subject to useless workers’ compensation laws watered down by Republicans to shield employers. You can’t make this stuff up.

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Republicans claim they’ve discovered a new Biden “scheme,” present no evidence

Zoinks, Scoobs! GOP Rep. James Comer and the gang are back with evidence of a new criminal Biden scheme that, uh, involves business, of some kind, and… money! and maybe China? and…uh, no, no further details at this moment. Or ever, probably. But it’s really damning! Why isn’t anyone talking about this? [RETWEET THAT!]

300 children found working at 60 McDonald’s restaurants
Three franchisees that own more than 60 McDonald’s locations were caught employing more than THREE HUNDRED children, some as young as ten, in violation of child labor laws. And it gets worse — some were unpaid while others received burns while operating deep fryers during school hours. The cost savings of not paying adult wages through this abusive criminality is substantial for major corporations and, on a surely unrelated note, Republicans are increasingly working to roll back child labor laws. We’re NOT lovin’ it.

Help us hold the railway company accountable for the toxic spill in Ohio

atAdvocacy Partner: Decades of infrastructure neglect, job cuts, and stock buybacks by Norfolk Southern led to the horrifying toxic chemical spill in East Palestine, Ohio, and once again it’s rural Americans who will be left to suffer the consequences. Can you chip in to help us fight for justice and make sure the railway barons don’t get away with it?

Billionaire sugar daddy Harlan Crow secretly paid private school tuition for Clarence Thomas’ child
There are “gifts” and then there’s “billionaire secretly pays for your entire life and also your family’s lives as well.” What’s next? “Harlan Crow secretly comps Clarence Thomas’ Netflix subscription?” [RETWEET THAT!]

National test scores show decline in history and civics proficiency
American children are joining their Fox News grandparents and most Republican members of Congress in having a very poor understanding of US history and civics — which may be why the GOP is pushing for even more cuts to education.

Oklahoma governor vetoes PBS funding because Clifford the Big Red Dog “sexualizes our kids”
WARNING: The following sentence may be hazardous to your health. Republican Gov. Kevin Stitt vetoed funding for public broadcasting because he claimed “Clifford the Big Red Dog” and the “Work It Out Wombats” are sexualizing his children. We apologize for any discomfort you may be feeling.

Oklahoma sex offender is released from prison, immediately shoots his entire family
Another day, another mindless, heart-wrenching horror story of murder. A convicted sex offender in rural Oklahoma who was released from prison early shot his wife, her three children, and their two friends before turning the gun on himself. One man able to take six lives and then his own, all because he had a gun. It’s the guns. It’s always been the guns.


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Today’s Action: Tell Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine to release wrongfully convicted Keith LaMar!

Death row inmate Keith LaMar is set to be executed November 16th, 2023, despite extensive evidence that he was wrongfully convicted of murder by the state of Ohio. LaMar, imprisoned in 1989 for using deadly force to defend himself against a violent home robbery, was only four years into his sentence when an uprising broke out at the Southern Ohio Correctional Facility. The event resulted in the death of a prison guard as well as multiple inmates, and with no one to pin the catastrophe on at the time the state worked as hard as they could to ensure LaMar would take the blame — all to maintain the illusion that they had the situation under control.

Paid informants offered false testimony, evidence of his innocence was intentionally withheld (including a confession to one of the murders from another inmate), and potential Black jurors were intentionally dismissed from hearing the trial. Keith LaMar, an innocent Black man, was sentenced to death by an all-white jury and judge. He has subsequently spent the last 28 years in solitary confinement with no exceptions for good behavior, fighting to keep his indomitable spirit alive.

Write Gov. DeWine and demand that he IMMEDIATELY release LaMar!

In 2011, the Joint Task Force to Review the Administration of Ohio’s Death Penalty asserted “that no one should be indicted, let alone sentenced to death, based solely on the uncorroborated testimony of jailhouse informants.” This is an independent task force of retired judges, attorneys, and college professors that was literally brought together by the Ohio Supreme Court. Based on this recommendation alone, LaMar should NOT be sentenced to death.

LaMar has suffered physical and mental abuse for nearly three decades for a crime he did not commit, thanks to a badly broken, notoriously racist justice system. It’s past time to make it right.

Fill out Gov. DeWine’s “Contact Us” form to call for the immediate release of Keith LaMar, before it’s too late!

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